Monday, December 18, 2006

today's topic

again, i've nothing profound to blog, so i'll vamp until inspiration strikes. didja hear about the olive garden outbreak? it seems over 300 people became violently ill at an indiana olive garden. if i remember correctly, it was first attributed to a possible ecoli virus, but that now seems to not be the case. in my college years i worked part time for a restaurant chain (el torito in restaurant row, for you savvy san diegians and foo foo las brisas for the jet set set). anyways, my thought is this: restaurant staff have been known to scrounge on the high end left overs on customers' plates.

there. i said it. it's not a pretty fact, but it's true.

someone orders a $40.00 surf and turf, but they fill up on the vintner's cab and warm bread. they're late meeting marg and phil at the pageant of the masters, so they leave the lobster tail and the medium rare filet half eaten as they dash to the evening of art under the stars.

cut to the kitchen - waiters are crowded around the plates from table five - scarfing on lobster, filet mignon and creme brule. fact. sad, but true.

said staff then takes out a new plate of food to a new table....hence, germs get spread. i'm just sayin', it's not always about washing hands after using the potty.


theresa said...

I never thought of that. My son got ecoli for Taco Bell the begining of this month, it was a nightmare.

Mr. Althouse said...

I used to go to that El Torrito! Best happy hour food around. It's how us starving college kids stayed fed, and lubricated. Never got sick though... on the food anyway.


mckay said...

theresa, oh, i'm so sorry for what you and your son had to experience. ecoli must be a nasty sickness through which you both had to suffer. seeing your child sick is the worst pain. hope he's okay now!

sam, i knew you looked familiar. ;0)
my college favorite place to fill up on food was the soup plantation. we'd stuff our purses with the muffins for the next day's breakfast (i know, i'm a sinner. i'll only get into heaven on God's mercy). what a hoot. i bet if we both look at old sorority and frat pics we'd see each other in the background. ships in the night.