Tuesday, December 29, 2009

mommy blogger?

there's been a lot of talk about mommy bloggers on the net these past few days. people are compiling lists of best mom blogs and looking for new break out stars for 2010. i don't think i fit into the category of a mommy blogger. yes, i do have kids and one is still young enough to call me momma, but i don't think my infrequent entries solely revolve around being a mom. they revolve around being a person.

i'm a highly efficient executive assistant who keeps several SVPs dancing in perfect corporate step. does the fact that i pick up dirty spiderman underwear off the bathroom floor trump the fact that in the afternoon i orchestrate multi-tiered video conferences over several time zones? no, but if the truth be told, i would much rather be a stay at home mom and focus all my energies on my kids. home and family have so much more value to me. hard work is just a way to support my family.

so call me a mommy blogger if you want. i guess it's more of a compliment than i thought.