Tuesday, January 09, 2007

the 'comment on my comment' post

i have several blogs i like to read (kinda like my childhood favorite sunday comics) and one of them happens to be called rocks in my dryer. her campy writing and bloggy mommy household hints are a tiny bit addictive. every once in a while i'll leave a comment, but she gets so many moms chattering, my occasional blurb, alas, go unnoticed, so i usually just read and run.

not tonight, however. it may be conceited on my part, but i felt i left the perfect comment (i'm a closet comment junkie....leave a funny, snarky comment hit and run). i guess it's my frustrated comedy writer fixation. anyways, i fear my lovely comment will die a quiet death, so i thought i'd share it with you.

you'll get to read a new blog, read the comments, and most importantly, give me your honest feedback on my comment.


eh, i just re-read the comment after making sure the link worked correctly. it's not as funny as i thought...whatever. go read and at least you'll get to see another mommy blog. can you tell i can't sleep tonight?

Saturday, January 06, 2007

get well wishes for teri garr

last march i went to the LA Times book fair on a quest for a pal in texas. my goal was to get comic/tv talk show host, craig ferguson's autograph on a piece of plastic fruit and mail it to my pal. sounds a bit crazy, i know, but i had an afternoon to kill, the weather was great, and i rarely get up to LA, so i decided to go check things out at the fair.

after getting ferg's autograph on the fruit, i looked around for other points of interest and ended up at teri garr's booth.
i've always felt a kinship with her, as i could completely relate to her goofy personality and quirky comedic timing. maybe i subconsciously modeled myself after her in my acting choices, i don't know. i did buy the dvd young frankenstein on a quest to learn a german accent for an audition, and i've had so much fun watching that movie over and over.

i'm rambling. sorry. well, i asked her sign a piece of plastic fruit in exchange for my buying her book (she thought it an odd request just like craig ferg did). in the .75 minute i spoke with her, i found her to be witty, charming and down to earth. needless to say, i was impressed. look at that picture. doesn't she look like she'd be a great next door neighbor?

well, i just finished reading her book where she describes her early career dancing in elvis movies, being a regular on the sonny and cher show, and buying art with steve martin, as well as her boyfriend woes and health struggles.

i thought i'd google her today to look for a website to tell her how much i enjoyed her book and her positive outlook on dealing with screwy men, hollywood and MS - not necessarily in that order. wikipedia mentions this:

"On December 21st 2006 she suffered a brain aneurysm in her Los Angeles area home; her 13-year-old daughter called for help when she couldn't rouse her. Following surgery, her publicist Heidi Schaeffer said she expects Garr to make a full recovery."

oh my. aneurysms are big time serious. a close friend of my sister's dropped down dead from a brain aneurysm.

teri garr's daughter was at the book signing that day, helping to steady her mom's hand as she signed so many books, which was touching to see. dang, if i had known about her having MS i wouldn't have had her sign a damn apple. the MS thing took me by surprise. i sincerely hope her daughter is okay, dealing with the trauma of finding her mom so ill and having to call for help.

i wish ms. garr a speedy recovery and her daughter comfort in a time of stress.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

what to get??

i've gotta Sharper Image gift card burning a hole in my pocket. i've had it for about a year now, because i watched an online webinar (is that redundant?) for some IT vendor. It's for a whopping $100 and i really want to spend it, but so much of the stuff in that store is comical cr@p for people who have way too much money to spend. once i bought a battery operated nose hair trimmer for my hubby. that seemed to be a waste of moola, and dang!, that trimmer hurt!!
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well, i started to shop for something i wanted and neeced, but really couldn't find anything that made sense to me. i really wanted a nice 7x magnifying mirror. the ones they had were just average and now quite what i was looking for.

then i saw what i REALLY REALLY REALLY want. please don't laugh, but i want a roomba. that lil circular vacuuming robot. have you seen how expensive they are?! yikes.
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i mean, i truly hate vacuuming - or , more accurately, i hate lugging the vacuum up and down the stairs. well, anyways, i kinda want to use the card to get a roomba, but i'd be spending another 200.00 bucks to get one, since they cost around 300.00 with tax. oy!

this is why i still have the card. i don't know what to do. what would YOU buy at Sharper Image if you had a 100 gift card?

Monday, January 01, 2007

day 1/2007

sorry, gang. i fell asleep and only woke up at midnight when the disneyland fireworks scared the dogs.

what next, you ask? here's what's happened so far today:

i saved the champagne for my favorite drink ever: the bellini (someday i'll go back to harry's bar for another round of the real thing):
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i made pancakes for the boy:
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and coffee for me:
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watched the rose parade w/ lucas as the grand marshall (the boy loved seeing the star wars characters)...yes, i want michigan to win (don't tell my family - they'd be shocked):
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and we played hullabaloo:
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if this is any indication how busy 2007 will be, i'd say i better buy some running shoes!

happy new year, everyone!