Saturday, January 06, 2007

get well wishes for teri garr

last march i went to the LA Times book fair on a quest for a pal in texas. my goal was to get comic/tv talk show host, craig ferguson's autograph on a piece of plastic fruit and mail it to my pal. sounds a bit crazy, i know, but i had an afternoon to kill, the weather was great, and i rarely get up to LA, so i decided to go check things out at the fair.

after getting ferg's autograph on the fruit, i looked around for other points of interest and ended up at teri garr's booth.
i've always felt a kinship with her, as i could completely relate to her goofy personality and quirky comedic timing. maybe i subconsciously modeled myself after her in my acting choices, i don't know. i did buy the dvd young frankenstein on a quest to learn a german accent for an audition, and i've had so much fun watching that movie over and over.

i'm rambling. sorry. well, i asked her sign a piece of plastic fruit in exchange for my buying her book (she thought it an odd request just like craig ferg did). in the .75 minute i spoke with her, i found her to be witty, charming and down to earth. needless to say, i was impressed. look at that picture. doesn't she look like she'd be a great next door neighbor?

well, i just finished reading her book where she describes her early career dancing in elvis movies, being a regular on the sonny and cher show, and buying art with steve martin, as well as her boyfriend woes and health struggles.

i thought i'd google her today to look for a website to tell her how much i enjoyed her book and her positive outlook on dealing with screwy men, hollywood and MS - not necessarily in that order. wikipedia mentions this:

"On December 21st 2006 she suffered a brain aneurysm in her Los Angeles area home; her 13-year-old daughter called for help when she couldn't rouse her. Following surgery, her publicist Heidi Schaeffer said she expects Garr to make a full recovery."

oh my. aneurysms are big time serious. a close friend of my sister's dropped down dead from a brain aneurysm.

teri garr's daughter was at the book signing that day, helping to steady her mom's hand as she signed so many books, which was touching to see. dang, if i had known about her having MS i wouldn't have had her sign a damn apple. the MS thing took me by surprise. i sincerely hope her daughter is okay, dealing with the trauma of finding her mom so ill and having to call for help.

i wish ms. garr a speedy recovery and her daughter comfort in a time of stress.


Dave Morris said...

I always loved Teri Garr. I had a crush on her as a younger man, and have a lot of respect for her work. I had no idea she was ill, thanks for shining a light on it.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

I really liked her in Mr. Mom. That was my introduction to her and years later I was shocked she was "hole in the hay" in Young Frankenstein. I'm sorry that time has been rough on her. She truly seems like a fun lady and someone who would live next door. I'm sure she will be fine.


theresa said...

Teri Garr and I share the same birthday I've always felt like she and I were similar in many ways. I heard about her surgery and am praying that she makes a full recovery. She is an amazing actress.

Jamie Dawn said...

Cool photo!!

I haven't heard this about Teri Garr anywhere on the news. I hope she does fully recover. I love her quirky, funny, charming style.

How very traumatic for her daughter.

Signing fruit. Very original. My daughter has a friend who had some guy singer sign her armpit.. and He DID.

Jamie Dawn said...

I LOVE Young Frankenstein! It's a riot!!

Mr. Althouse said...

I've always liked Teri Garr and I love Young Frankenstein! I hope she does ok.

BTW: That's a good pic, mck!


mckay said...

you guys all prove why teri garr is so popular. guys have crushes, women relate to her quirky charm. it's a shame comedies don't get more oscar recognition, as her career has certainly been top notch.

healthpsych said...

I've always liked Teri Garr. Had no idea she was battling MS and this latest news is terrible. Good to hear she's expected to make a full recovery.

A Novelist said...

Wow, I didn't know Terri Garr was suffering so much. I love her! That is great that you got to meet her too. Nice picture! Thanks for sharing. :)

The Zombieslayer said...

Nooooo! Terri Garr has MS? That sucks!

Terri Garr has always made me laugh. She has a quirky sense of humor, like you mentioned, that I can't really put my finger to it, but she's just funny.

Now, didn't she get her start in Star Trek?

MrNailhead said...

She's always been a favorite for me, Young Frankenstein, Close Encounters, Tootsie. She was great in all of them.

I pray that she'll recovery completely from her recent surgery. I just read where they discovered the gene that causes MS I hope that helps her too

Get well Teri, we are all pulling for you

Long Beach CA