Thursday, January 04, 2007

what to get??

i've gotta Sharper Image gift card burning a hole in my pocket. i've had it for about a year now, because i watched an online webinar (is that redundant?) for some IT vendor. It's for a whopping $100 and i really want to spend it, but so much of the stuff in that store is comical cr@p for people who have way too much money to spend. once i bought a battery operated nose hair trimmer for my hubby. that seemed to be a waste of moola, and dang!, that trimmer hurt!!
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well, i started to shop for something i wanted and neeced, but really couldn't find anything that made sense to me. i really wanted a nice 7x magnifying mirror. the ones they had were just average and now quite what i was looking for.

then i saw what i REALLY REALLY REALLY want. please don't laugh, but i want a roomba. that lil circular vacuuming robot. have you seen how expensive they are?! yikes.
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i mean, i truly hate vacuuming - or , more accurately, i hate lugging the vacuum up and down the stairs. well, anyways, i kinda want to use the card to get a roomba, but i'd be spending another 200.00 bucks to get one, since they cost around 300.00 with tax. oy!

this is why i still have the card. i don't know what to do. what would YOU buy at Sharper Image if you had a 100 gift card?


Anonymous said...

If you can use it at the online outlet, do it. They have some awesome sales on there!

mckay said...

thanks for the tip, kp. i'll check it out right now.

Mr. Althouse said...

I think the admission fee to the Sharper Image is 100 bucks! Also, if it's anything like some gift cards, a monthly fee is applied after a certain amount of time has elapsed (one year??) until they eat themselves up.

How's that for an upbeat comment!


mckay said...

sam, as much as i hate the mall, i better get out there and buy something. online shopping at the outlet had lots of stuff, but nothing i really want or need...wait - i just saw a coin sorter...

i took the card to a si store last year and they said it's the same as expiration, etc. i better go double check, just the same.

hey, you guys are supposed to say what YOU'D buy at sharper image w/ $100.

Violet said...

How well does the Roomba work? That may be worth the extra cash.

I was actually at The Sharper Image earlier today looking for the final Christmas present I needed to buy for the season (I know, I know...). They have more clocks in that store than everything else put together.

I would buy a bunch of those little battery-operated massage-y things, turn all of them on and throw them on the bed, and get an all over vibrating massage.

V-Grrrl said...

I have never been to a Sharper Image store.

But the Roomba, I can understand wanting that! I hear they work best in rooms that are fairly open.

Dave Morris said...

The roomba hasn't done enough to prove it's worth of 300 bucks, in my honest opinion.

Laser lights make great cat toys, if you have a cat. Also, try one of those alarm clocks that project the time on the ceiling so you don't have to roll over and prop yourself up to check the time. I LOVE mine.

Those electronic wine chillers are great, my mom got me one for christmas this year. They work for all kinds of beverages too, not just wine.

I wonder how they stay in business... everytime I'm in a Sharper Image, I usually walk around drooling for an hour and buy nothing!

Dave Morris said...

PS - I just read that you have dogs. They also love the laser pointer, my dog and cat play TOGETHER with the little red dancing light.

sookeyjane said...

the bose on-ear headphones are wonderful. comfortable and great sound... and they cut out outside noise.

i tried them the other day at another store. and they're great if you want to listen to something on the computer and don't want to disturb others.

The Zombieslayer said...

If I had a $100 gift certificate to Sharper Image, I'd find someone to sell it to for $75.