Monday, January 01, 2007

day 1/2007

sorry, gang. i fell asleep and only woke up at midnight when the disneyland fireworks scared the dogs.

what next, you ask? here's what's happened so far today:

i saved the champagne for my favorite drink ever: the bellini (someday i'll go back to harry's bar for another round of the real thing):
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i made pancakes for the boy:
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and coffee for me:
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watched the rose parade w/ lucas as the grand marshall (the boy loved seeing the star wars characters)...yes, i want michigan to win (don't tell my family - they'd be shocked):
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and we played hullabaloo:
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if this is any indication how busy 2007 will be, i'd say i better buy some running shoes!

happy new year, everyone!


V-Grrrl said...

Happy New Year! thanks for stopping by place. : )

Jamie Dawn said...

Happy New Year to YOU!!
Pancakes sound good right now! Hmmm.
You've caused me to have a craving.
I spent part of the day packing away our Christmas stuff. I carefully wrapped the breakable stuff and de-ornamented the trees. I had two small trees this year instead of one biggie.
I hope this year brings lots of blessing to you.
I've never played Hullaballoo, but I like the sound of it.
Enjoy 2007 to the max!!

A Novelist said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you enjoyed the holidays. May 2007 be your best year yet! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hallmark created New Years, or the Chinease and I'm against both.

Truthfuly, I just don't get into NY's. I don't like staying up late, much less staying up late to watch a bunch of yankees stare at a big ball slide down a poll.

Rather erotic in it's symbolism, don't you think?


Violet said...

Happy New Year!

Bellini's are good stuff... Mmmm....

And I'm a Michigan fan, too. But I won't tell your family if you won't tell mine!

Saur♥Kraut said...

A (belated) Happy New Year to you, girl! We had a similar "wild" New Year's Eve. May the rest of my year be as "wild". ;o)

mckay said...

v-grrrl, howdy right back!

jd, you must be so happy in your new abode. it looks gorgeous. two trees sounds so stylish and somehow old fashioned in a good way. blessings to you in your new home :0)

novelist, ditto, right back atcha, you new yorker, you.

jef, i've never been a fan of new year's eve, either. i'm a new year's day kinda gal. - oy! i'll never be able to look at that pole the same way, thanks to your comment.

vi, i bet we'd get along just great. too bac michigan lost :0(

thanks for the new years wishes, saur. i bet we'd get along great, too. you like michigan?

hey, gals, thanks for making my new years so fun. let's have a slumber party next year!

Dave Morris said...

Happy New Year! If it's true you will do what you're doing on the first all year, you WILL have a busy year.

Mmmmm, pancakes. I've had a craving for them for days... now I know what I'm having for breakfast this morning.