Tuesday, January 09, 2007

the 'comment on my comment' post

i have several blogs i like to read (kinda like my childhood favorite sunday comics) and one of them happens to be called rocks in my dryer. her campy writing and bloggy mommy household hints are a tiny bit addictive. every once in a while i'll leave a comment, but she gets so many moms chattering, my occasional blurb, alas, go unnoticed, so i usually just read and run.

not tonight, however. it may be conceited on my part, but i felt i left the perfect comment (i'm a closet comment junkie....leave a funny, snarky comment hit and run). i guess it's my frustrated comedy writer fixation. anyways, i fear my lovely comment will die a quiet death, so i thought i'd share it with you.

you'll get to read a new blog, read the comments, and most importantly, give me your honest feedback on my comment.


eh, i just re-read the comment after making sure the link worked correctly. it's not as funny as i thought...whatever. go read and at least you'll get to see another mommy blog. can you tell i can't sleep tonight?


TheCleaningWoman said...

Well, I thought it was hilarious, particularly among all the 'pick me, pick me' pleas...but then I always find you funny McKay.

theresa said...

Your comment is very funny. I hope you win.

But I don't think that you should hit your friend over the head with it....it might be a crime. LOL

Dave Morris said...

McKay has hereby been crowned the queen of comments!!!

Anonymous said...

The first time I read your comment I was disappointed. Then I figured out that your name appeared AFTER the comment & not BEFORE. Your real comment was really funny; however; the comment AFTER yours was really lame. :)

Jamie Dawn said...

Your comment was superbly brilliant, which is not out of character for the witty, smart person you naturally are.

(Send that five bucks you promised in a money order, not a check. Thanks.)

I too would want to hit that lady over the head with the book. Naming her kid after a kick-ass vampiress makes her deserve a good thumping.

Have a nice weekend.

Ellen said...

Anyone who does not find your comments hilarious has no sense of humor.

I'm with you and Jamie on this one, and would gladly stand in line to give that lady a good whoopin. Geez Louise... naming your kid after a vampire! Imagine her child in the schoolyard defending that for a name!

Violet said...

I do the same thing with comments.

There was one particular comment that I left on a blog (like you said, one that has so many comments, that you know most go unnoticed) and the infamous blogwriter was so impressed with my banter, that he left a comment responding to my comment! (And he isn't one of those "respond to comment" types of blggers)

I still relive that moment on a daily basis.

javacurls said...

Your comment was totally funny! Thanks for the laugh!

Mr. Althouse said...

Did you win??

I laughed, but then you know how easily amused I am!


Saur♥Kraut said...

I think someone needs to start a Daily Insult Blog. I would read it religiously.

ablondeblogger said...

LOL! What a whack job! (her not you)

Jamie Dawn said...

Just saying HELLO to YOU.

Senor Caiman said...

Did you finally find a boyfriend?

Jamie Dawn said...

Good GAWD, McKay!
I'd sure like to read a new post. :)

Happy weekend to you.