Monday, March 10, 2008

pay it forward challenge

Here's a chance to get a surprise in the mail from me!
My surprise is coming from blog buddy, jamie dawn.

Here are the rules:

1. Leave a comment that says you want to receive something from me and you want to Pay It Forward. The first THREE to agree to Pay It Forward at their blogs will get a gift from me. I need your home address, so email it to me at mckayslife AT dslextreme DOT com

2. The three winners must do the same thing on their blogs, so the Pay It Forward challenge will continue throughout Blogdom.

okay. major thanks to jamie for doing the Pay It Forward Challenge, and getting me out of my blogger's block. it's been so long since i've posted regularly i think even my few faithful posters may have drifted away. we'll see if i can get three comments!

jamie just left a comment to say her surprise is on its way to me. i'm kinda excited. how fun to get something in the mail that isn't a bill or junk! i wonder what it will be??
YAY for fun bloggers!

# # # #

starter post...just start typing and see what develops:

it's been a while since i've logged on to blog. work and life have both been busy: three months in with the new CIO, we've found our pace and just finished the large task of annual reviews, raises and bonuses. being the chief paper pusher, i've been kept busy rolling up and spreading out many columns and rows. it's an interesting process (i can't believe i just said spreadsheets are interesting) - i can either focus solely on the numbers - or the people to whom the numbers belong. i silently cheer when someone gets a well deserved promotion, concur on someone's merit number or wonder about some surprises that are bound to pop up. frankly it's much easier, faster and healthier to just do the task and not dwell on the human factor.

okay, enough about work.

several weeks ago, mckid and i had a trip to the ER after a school morning freak accident. he was goofing around in the living room, tripped on the ottoman and fell, slashing his lower back open on the edge of the fireplace door. thank God i recently took a first aid/cpr class at work, so i knew to apply pressure for several minutes before doing the momma mad dash to the ER (picture the kramer vs. kramer run to the hospital and that was me in the parking lot). let it be known, this was a doosie of a gash. deep enough to see the layers of epidermis and even the larger puffy white area of the lower dermis. 14 stitches later, he has a cool scar to rival any pirate who trips on treasure chests or ottomans.

yes, i actually happened to have my camera in my purse when we made the mad dash to the hospital. i asked mckid if he wanted a few pictures. he said okay and, of course, the doctor was all for it.

i won't post the pics here. they're pretty bloody, but if you want, i'll post a pic of the stitches at a later date.

and if you're here reading and commenting...thanks for checking in to see if i'm still around.



Saur♥Kraut said...

YIKES! No pics, please, but you have my sympathy. ;o)

Great idea (the Pay it Forward) but I don't have the time. Will you post what you got and what is sent? I'm looking forward to hearing about it!

kat said...

You were gone for a while and I was worried because I felt like I jsut found you in the blogo-sphere and so I was sad... but I kept checking... and I am so so happy you are back!

ablondeblogger said...

Ewww....I would've fainted, lol. Sorry he had to go through that!

I'm too poor to do a PIF right now. :( Hopefully this will still be going around when I get some money in.

Jamie Dawn said...

That's scary about McKid's hitonious gash!
14 stitches - that's a lot!
I hope he got ice cream or something after that ordeal.
You deserved ice cream too since we moms feel all the tension when our babies are hurt.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Hey, Mc! Where are you ?