Saturday, September 20, 2008

bland as white bread

i figure the only way for me to get over the writer's block is to just start typing away and see what emerges. i could tell you the details of my life, i could wax poetic on philosophical concetps that pop into my noggin, i could go over some cool recipes i've recently tried, or tell you about my health goals.

it all sounds so ....bland.

have i ever posted my list of 43 things?

well. that will keep you busy for a while.

and here's my to do list for today:
* take mckid to disneyland
* put away laundry
* practice guitar

* church
* sign mckid up for sunday school
* take donations to charity center

like i said. bland.

or is it just real?
i'm not sky diving or crossing the pacific on a homemade raft. i'm not on tour or starring on broadway. i'm a single divorced mom with two dogs, a cat and various bugs mckid collects.

it suits me for today.

1 comment:

Dave Morris said...

Yes but there is so much more to do where you are (which is where I was born) than where I am... :(