Sunday, July 12, 2009

wysiwygying it

i'm not much of a writer. i'd like to be, but let's face it, i lead a life of a harried divorced mom who's lucky to have clean underwear on hand rather than someone who runs the perfect home with flawless execution. so, instead of taking time to craft the perfectly written blog, i wing it. i create in brief flashes of impetus, slap it on the net with imperfect punctuation & grammar, hoping it's a bit funny and will ring true to those who happen to wander in to read.

my blog is like my house: a bit messy, but it's honest, from the heart; full of life, laughter and honesty. what you see is what you get....hey, i'm a wysiwyg blogger!

so, the point of this post is i may be back to blogging regularly, this time, with mobile uploads from snippets of my day. short and sweet. maybe a bit silly and possibly even socially relevant.

let's see what happens, hmm?

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