Friday, February 26, 2010

let her go, doctor. she's gone.


(cavernous echo)

anyone here? here <----- (cavernous echo typed out)


yeah, okay, so i get it. this blog has just about breathed its last breath.

picture my blog as a nighttime tv drama... i can picture McDreamy compressing the blog's chest, not wanting to let this one die. McSteamy slowly comes up and puts his hand on McDreamy's shoulder and says, "this blog is gone. it had a wonderful, full existence. it served its purpose and we need to let it go."

McDreamy says, "Mckay was my patient. She had so much to say. She needs to keep typing her guts out. It shouldn't end this way."

hot doctors and i agree. it shouldn't just die like this. for a long time now, i haven't had much to say, so i just started posting less and less. i missed hitting the "PUBLISH POST" button, but with nothing to say, i just let it go. i let online friendships fade away and even stopped reading the many excellent blogs i used to frequent.

recently, i started a new fling: twitter. i could post mini missives to feed my writer's cravings. it's quick, easy and i get to click an "UPDATE" button. yay for publishing on the net! through twitter, i've met other micro-bloggers and i've seen first hand all the fun and enthusiasm blogging creates in orange county. not wanting to miss out on any more fun, i've been playing with the idea of starting up a new blog....about theater: my experiences as a director, actor, and audience member. orange county has some amazing theater groups and i'd like to get to know them better and help showcase all the talent that oc folks can experience first hand.

so, McDreamy can stop the chest compressions and let this blog die. i may stop by from time to time to post a little something - kinda like putting flowers on a grave.

and when i do return, it will be with fondness for the things that poured out of my brain and onto the net, for the bloggers i met and admired, and the simple joy of just writing.

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Phil said...

You blog and mine both look to have been on life support for a long time, only I'm not looking for any mouth to mouth from McDreamy. I want House on the case. He can cure anything.