Saturday, August 27, 2005

blogity blogity

you guys are great.
saturdays are great.
today i did not mow the lawn.
it will have to happen tomorrow.
i hate shopping, but today i shopped.
i bought stuff to make my house look cool to buyers.
you see, my house is on the market
i bought new area rugs, plants, bathroom towels...why can't people see past their first gut reaction and look at what's real?
kinda like dating, i guess.


Miss Fabulous said...

Girl, you need to post your archives!

mw said...

I love the whole real estate market. There's nothing better than getting 50% over what you paid just by throwing up some crap you bought at ikea.

Jamie Dawn said...

Good luck with selling your house.
I can't believe you don't like to shop.
I can't even imagine such a thing.

mckay said...

miss fab, there's a whole year of blogging on my myspace blog. the link is on my page :) i spent one whole afternoon reading all your archives. loved it...still wanna know which dating site you used to meet the one and only omaha.

woody, i got an offer on my house. i think the new bath towels from target did the trick. if it goes through i'll be clearning over 200K (wooo!)

jamie, i know. i missed out on the shopping gene. my sister got a double dose and my daughter got my share, too. so it all works out :)

JohnJEnright said...

Congrats on selling the house! I understand about not liking to shop, since I don't either. Of course, I'm a guy, so it's kind of expected. :)

davidjackson1401 said...

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mckay said...

my first spammer. i feel so part of the blog life now.

Jamie Dawn said...

Well, it is October now, so I hope your house sold.