Monday, August 01, 2005

hold me

Hmmm. I should blog something. Something about work, since that’s what I’m supposed to be doing right now.

I’m in a holding pattern. My future income is riding on one lady’s decision whether or not to come back to work for someone she can’t stand (guessing on this one, but when one makes a face like she just crapped her pants while simultaneously looking at dog doo on the bottom of her shoe, ya get the idea she just might not be so fond of this person). So yeah, I’m speculating.

I’ve been filling in for this position for the past three months while the face making lady has been on a medical leave of absence (stressed induced illness from all the face making, I think), and I’ve been given a rather spiffy increase in my salary, which may revert back to the pittance I made in my previous position.

In 24 hours I should know. So I’m waiting on joining the local gym, waiting to buy a home ….and that bottle of champagne I’ll purchase when it’s confirmed I get to keep this job that fits me like a glove, or a designer gown, or my favorite slippers: all unique visuals for illustrating just how much I like this job.

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