Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tivo and the Dude

i’m so glad i’m getting Tivo.

After 4 (yes FOUR) attempts to have DirecTv do a professional (read, not slip shod, crappy, wires showing all over the place) installation, i have bailed on my previous satellite vendor and have joined forces with Dish Network. They are supposed to arrive tomorrow morning to do the installation. This will be my fifth torturous Saturday in a row (minus Christmas Eve, when i i spoke with several neighbors in my new hood and they’ve all confirmed that their installations went smoothly. i’m cautiously hopeful that after 6 weeks, i will actually have working televisions. And just in time, too, because i am about to reveal my secret celebrity crush: Steve Martin.

My man, Steve-o, is going to be hosting SNL on February 4th (with Prince, who's no slouch, but i've never had a big interest in him or his music). Yep, i’m looking forward to watching SNL, but I will probably fall asleep prior to the 11:30 p.m. pacific standard start of the monologue. Hence, the tivo will be needed. Oh, and did i mention that the Dude knows me (Steve, not Prince)? Well... kinda, not really, but sort of.

Good ol’ mckay frequents his website and when i choose to say something profound or half-wittedy regarding his Steveness, i usually make up a name for him. Calling him ‘Steve’ is too personal since i’ve never met the man or shared spit or any other such nonsense. ‘Mr. Martin’ makes him sound like a high school science teacher, so that’s just too boring and formal. Anyways, on the website message board (i know, i’m pitiful) i’ve been known to refer to him as ‘Dude’, just because it’s goofy enough to not be taken seriously.

Anyways, his faithful followers were begging for a new message from the Stevester, as he hadn’t posted one in quite a while. i egged people into a contest to see who could guess the date of the Dude’s next message. Wellllll, a message didn’t come. Wasn’t posted. Nothing. Nope. Nada. We all went without. Until…

He was on the David Letterman show one evening, and guess what? He gave everyone a message: it was perfectly goofy and weird and as the gospel singers (yep, you read that right) sang of Steverino’s latest doings, they sang the lyric, “The Dude’s still playing his banjo”, which surprised me all to heck that he worked 'Dude' into the lyrics, and to be truthful, it gave me little warm fan fuzzies. or maybe it was a coinkidinky and i need to get out in the real world more, which i know i do, but such is the life of a divorced mom who choses not to date (much) and spend all her free time with her son, whom she adores all to pieces, but i digress.

(deep breath)

So, now you know, the secret is out. i’ve admitted my weakness for quality wit, charm and humor, in the form of one Steve Dude Martin. i truly feel he’s an artist of the highest caliber: author, playwright, comedian, actor, philosopher, prankster and smile maker. All good stuff.

Thanks, Dude.

(like he reads my blog. as if.)


Jamie Dawn said...

Hi, it's Dude here, posing incognito as Jamie Dawn.
I am your secret admirer. I worship you from afar.

The Zombieslayer said...

You don't like Prince? Prince is a musical genius. Love the guy. But yes, he had written some pretty bad albums before though. When he's good, he's really good though.

As for Tivo, I know Tivo uses Linux as its backbone. That's why it works. Linux is da bomb, baby! Besides my Macs, Linux is on the other boxes we use.

Mr. Althouse said...

I have been a Steve Martin fan since he used to do standup (at the Boardwalk?) I love that guy! I guess not as much as you though, I never knew he had a message board. Not that there's anything wrong with that:-)

I agree with ZS. I mean I din't know about Linux, but I sure love my Mac. I'm a recent convert and recovering PC user. Surrendered! Joined the winning side.

Nice post - I've been a single father for a very long time. It's challenging and rewarding and... I don't know, I didn't want it that way, but everything has a way of working out for the best.


Sherpa said...

I love the dude. Although, when i think of the nickname "the dude" an image of Jeff Bridges pops up in my head. Speaking of which, wasn't the picture of Steve Martin and the cockatoo the coolest thing ever?