Friday, August 04, 2006

and the winner is… !!!

the tamagachi family!

i.e. not me. …and i’m perfectly okay with that. well, to be honest, i’m a little disappointed since all my fantasy brain power was working overtime on designing my beautiful italian courtyard with all the nifty items to be bestowed upon me as the beautiful divorcee contest winner. in my fantasy i would be a gracious and humble winner, delightefully surprised in a semi-serene, classy way…no wild jumping or flailing. picture audrey hepburn winning an academy award ..

okay, so i have an active and glamorous imagination.

What i’ll miss about my contest fantasy not coming true is losing the designer contractor part of the prize. i need that leader/contractor/partner to help me move forward and set the course of action. at times i can be a leader, but lately, my cocoon has become a bit paralyzing. perhaps that’s part of the grieving process. i haven’t done anything to this new house other than change out a few plants and bushes in the front courtyard and buy some potted plants for the back. i really need to get off my licking-my-wounds / feeling-sorry-for-myself butt and start doing some of the stuff that’s on my home improvement list.

i think it has something to do with living alone. having a spouse or partner with whom i can work on projects makes it fun and manageable.

“here, honey, hold this nail while i use all my strength to pound it into submission.”

see how fun that is?

one of my favorite home improvement memories was 'helping' my hubby install the satellite dish on our former home. he chose to attach the dish to a wall on top of a huge slope; therefore, having to scale the heights on slippery ivy, past eucalyptus trees and through some very overgrown bushes. while he was struggling with the wires, the dish & assorted tools he got frustrated and was on the verge of a hissy fit, so i offered the only help i could at that moment.

i flashed him. if any of you knew me, you’d know how out of character that is. i’m not a flasher kinda gal. i’m a bridget jones'-undie & victoria's secret-bra wearing, support-is-my-friend kinda gal. but on that particular morning i wasn’t wearing a bra, so…

from then on, my offering to help always brought a smile.
like i said, help is good.


Mr. Althouse said...

Ummm, when you get a minute... I could use some help over here!


theresa said...

That is funny and something I would have done when I was married! Being without a spouse is empty sometimes. I learned a lot about home improvements and did a lot of the work myself, skim coating, tiling, grouting, painting, trim was fun. Now I'm selling the house and moving into a condo.

He is handsome by the way and very, very successful. I'll e-mail you more later.

TheCleaningWoman said...

Oh well, McKay. But have you been duped? Aren't the Tamagotchi family those pixel people you have to feed, water and maintain??!!

mckay said...

heh, heh, the helping only happened that one time...well, okay maybe two or three, but i only help hubbies (mine, not others') or an s/o at the very least. still need help, big guy?

theresa, i need you to give my HO tips and encouragement. i really need to pull down some horrendous wallpaper!

cw, hee hee..good call on the tamagotchi, girl. you're one sharp cookie :0)

Ego's Alter said...

Okay...THAT is a cute story! :)

Senor Caiman said...


You are mad-crazy. You need to use the vibrator for a good month before you start flashin the high beams.

If I were you I'd plant impatience plants. They are very colorful and easy to grow.

mckay said...

ego, yeah. that's why it's a fav of mine.

croc, lol. i'm not into battery operated toys, but thanks for the tip on the HBs. not to worry. they're as safe as g. bouillon in ft. knockers. ..and i agree on the inpatients. i'm working on adding three small cypresses in the back as a start.

Ellen said...

Boo.... hiss, for you not being chosen. I really had my fingers crossed for you on that! No happy dance after all.

Impatiens are colorful, but water-sucking fools. They are the thirstiest flowers out there, and will drain your water budget for the season. Of course my gardens are filled with the buggers, because they flower perpetually throughout the summer.... and the water company is equally happy with my usage. Only problem is, the don't always come back the next year. Some will re-seed themselves, but not always. Best bet is to get perrennials, as it saves time the next year when it comes to planting.
You need to get one of your friends to call up the team of "Outdoor Spaces" on HGTV, and nominate you one of those fancy-schmancy yard make-overs. Of course you'd have to be on TV, but it's a small price to pay for a brand new yard in one day. The stuff they do is amazing!

Good luck.... it's taken me years to get my yard close to the way I like it, and then we suffer no rain, and everything is a struggle to keep going. There's a reason why we refer to our homes as "money pits".