Sunday, December 02, 2007

thoughts on the show

tonight is the first tech rehearsal for the christmas show. it's basically a meet and greet with the technical people and then running lights and sound, cue to cue.

my actors have the potential of being fantastic in their short play. the guy with the most experience (in film) seems to be the one holding up any real progress since he hasn't fully gotten off book. he's spread a bit thin doing showcases and background work in a paramount film. i'm assuming he'll be a late bloomer and miraculously be ready by final tech and opening. it just makes it hard to keep giving character notes and intricate bits and not see much progress in the pacing and timing of their argument when the momentum is killed with line problems. yesterday's rehearsal was supposed to be fully in character, but everyone broke character multiple times with dropped lines. i know this is to be expected at least once in a rehearsal period, but we've had very few opportunities to rehearse due to everyone's professional and work schedules.

this is a freebie production (actors are not paid) so i know it might not be their immediate priority, but it's their asses on the line if they screw up on stage. i want to see a clean performance with the nuances i've given them to make the audience laugh. that's my reward...getting the actor to a place where they have the audience engaged, laughing and enjoying their evening.

fingers crossed.


kat said...

Ruh Roh..

I know that guy, I AM that guy. Sometimes it take a few more rehearsals to click for some people than it does for others. Hopefully that is the case here.

I'm so excited you are opening a show this week!!!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Good luck with making all this come together.
I think it will all work out well, and I hope all your actors are ready come showtime.
What an exciting time for you!!
My brother is super busy during December. He has so many concerts that he can barely breathe. When Christmas finally comes, he always breathes a deep sigh of relief.
I'm sure you'll breathe a big sigh of relief when the show is over. I hope when it is over, you'll also feel a great feeling of accomplishment and pride in seeing your efforts bear much fruit!!
Now... go get 'em!!!

Carmi said...

I'm sure they'll rise to the occasion and make you proud. You've invested so much to get to this point, and I believe that good things happen to good people for the right reason. You're due.

TheCleaningWoman said...

Wow. I stay away for a while and lots of things happen.....sounds very of luck!