Friday, November 23, 2007

these are my actors. i consider myself very lucky to be directing them in a short play that will open on december 8th. i'm excited to be doing what i love, so i'm basically a very happy camper.

the bulk of my experience is as an actress. i've been one most of my life. not as a career, but in community theatre, college, local theatre houses, and, for a short period of time, as a working professional. i studied various forms of theatre with paul gregory, tom stoppard, marion ross, mac owen, an uta hagen workshop, and briefly studied at south coast rep. acting is where most of my experience lies, but i think directing is what i do best.

these men have talent. each is unique in what he does best and i can use what i know about theatre, life and how comedy fits into both to make these guys even get a point create a moment, a beat, to choreograph the actors in movement, in their gut get a punchline right, to create a joke that's not in the script with just a few well timed looks. i want this to go well. not only for me, but for my actors, and the audience, who'll hopefully get to enjoy something we all created together.


Jamie Dawn said...

Oh, how exciting!!!!
I'd love to see this play. I sure wish I'd be in southern CA at that time. If I were, I'd come for SURE!!!
I'm confident your actors are in good hands.
Good luck and don't break a leg, in the literal sense, but in the other sense, please do.
Direct away!!!!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Sounds very very exciting, my dear...Where will this be playing?
Directing can be a deeply satisfying thing to do....I have done some, myself and have found it very gratifying each time....though there have been times when the challanges presented almost brought me to my knees! (lol)
Hope this is aq WONDERFUL experience for you in every way!

Notta Wallflower said...

Congratulations! I think you're lucky to be doing something you enjoy. How many people out there are stuck being a "cog in the wheel"? Too many...

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Great dramatis personae.

Best of luck with the play.

Jeff said...

I always wanted to try out for a play. I haven't had the nerve thus far.

BTW - thanks for stopping by my blog!

kat said...

To copy Jamie's comment - this is SOOOO exciting!!! I look forward to reading more about your process. I wish I lived in your adrea I would defintiely come and show my support!