Thursday, November 08, 2007

impulse buy bye bye

i've got to nip this in the bud.

you see, i've caught a bit of a virus - the spending bug. lately i've been attracted to all things shiny & new, leathery & cushy, and just plain awesome. for a girl who hates shopping, i'm sure doing a bang up job of it these days.

it started out innocently enough. i'd been without a camera for almost a year and HAD to take pics of mckid's first day of kindergarten, right? i think you get reported to child protective services if you lapse on this task.

i've been living in my new abode for almost two years now without any normal furniture. by normal i mean, without baby stains, torn corners, green marker drawings and basic cushiony goodness sans sagginess. must i say it? my furniture was hitonious. i waited for the best possible alignment of the universe's mojo (the no tax, free delivery, no interest, take three years to pay and oh, yeah, 30% off sale) and bought not one, but two badly needed couches. woo!

then it was mandatory to upgrade my ancient, but still perfectly working cell phone to the new-fangled qwerty keyboard smartypants phone, WITH music capabilities.....all for the sake of spending quality texting time with mckteen (which, btw, was downright affordable after the corporate slave discount and handy dandy rebate). i'm gonna send her a txt right now....just because i CAN! how cool is that? tech gadgets ROCK!

then i was buying sack lunch fixin's for mckid at the local buy more club and what do i bring home?

a flat screen tv.
with built in dvd player, no less.

now, wait. before you send the spendy spend police to come cut up my smokin' credit card... i had a good reason for this purchase. i was feeling sorry for myself.

this was the first year mckid spent halloween night with his dad. i was to be all alone and not one of the parents perambulating around the neighborhood as the kidlets gathered their candies. poor me.

with this predicament, i wanted to find some way to make the evening semi special and watching my favorite flick while passing out candy seemed the perfect fix. but alas, i had no suitable tv downstairs or mode to watch said favorite flick. hence, the impulse buy.

i know the beautiful little flat screen must go back and it will today. i also know there's a lot more to happiness than stuff. whenever mckid and mckteen are gone there's an empty spot in my heart that can't be filled with electronics or movies or any other thing. i'll go about my business, learn new things, take on new projects and live life with as much vim and vigor as possible. i owe it to myself and my kids to do so. that way they'll always see me with arms open wide and a goofy grin upon their return.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, it is too bad that flat screen has to go back, but one must do what one must do. At least you had it when you needed it...!
Hope you are having a lovely weekend.
Thanks for the visit and the kind words.

gautami tripathy said...

Sometimes one does not enough words. Same with me now.

So I say it with hugs!

Glad michele sent me here to hug you..

Phil said...

You are completely entitled to buy things that make you feel good. Or to do anything that makes you feel good ; )

mckay said...

naomi, i didn't return it yesterday. seems i'm reluctant to let go. today's the day i send it packing..i think. yes!

gautami, thanks for the hug. you knew what i needed :0)

phil = mischief making scamp
*she says with smirk*

The Zombieslayer said...

Did you dress up at all for Halloween and scare the kiddies?

And yes, I think Child Protective Services gets called if you don't take pics on the first day of Kindergarten. It's the law.

Notta Wallflower said...

Aww... everyone has splurges now and then. You're seriously taking the TV back? It's as if a million voices cried out and then were silent. :-/

I'm not even a big TV person, but at my husband's insistence, we bought a flat panel and we've not had any regrets.

Jamie Dawn said...

I think it's great that you bought that stuff!!
Two new couches..... YIPPEE!!!!
Those plants look nice and healthy beside the tv.
I'm a plant freak!! I LOVE them!!

My brother sent me a text once, and I didn't have a clue what to do. I just figured it was a sales message or something and I deleted it without even realizing it was from him. I am SO behind the times when it comes to that!!
You are totally COOL if you're texting with McTeen!!

David said...

all good purchases, too bad the Tv goes back, but I do not watch much anyway. adapt the best you can with the new living arrangements.

sister AE said...

Amazing how new stuff seems to attract more new stuff, huh?

Michele sent me to say hi tonight, but I'll be back for more visits.

Shephard said...

Sigh. We love our flat-screen.
Hitonious. Like that!

"Sheppy-Shep"... cute. I had a very dear friend who used to call me Sheppy, and I let her. :) No worries!

I love new gadgets too.
~S :)

kat said...

McKay I hope you didn't return that flat screen. It's not like you bought a 1500 pocketbook that you will only use on special occasions. You bought an updated television that will provide you and your children with hours of entertainment on a regular basis. You should keep it.

(As you can see, I am a terrible person to shop with because I see nothing wrong with treating yourself)

mckay said...

zombieslayer, i did dress up for the kiddies, but instead of something scary, i chose little leopard ears, tail and a spotted leopard sweater...well, maybe seeing a mid forties lady in kitty ears was scary for them.

notta, yep, it's packed and in the garage waiting to go back to the store. the money will be much better spent on Christmas presents for family.

jamie dawn, i love my plants, too! i should shoot you a pic of my favorite ferns. they make me happy when i water them. why is that??

david, thanks. i can always use more peace.

sis ae, yes! it's a bug, i tell ya! i need an antidote, quick!!

shephard, if you let me get away with calling you sheppy shep, you know i will forever.

kat, it's not too horrible that it's going back. it was totally frivolous of me. i've got a perfectly marvelous flat screen upstairs. you'd be a fun pal to pal around with, i just can't do malls. i'm allergic to them. blecchk.