Tuesday, November 20, 2007

morning quickie

sometimes a quickie in the morning is a good thing, so by all means, let's get it started.

* yesterday we weighed in for our coworkers' weight challenge. i made my goal, plus lost an extra 1.8 pounds, for a total of 9 so far. woo!

* yesterday was also the day i had the luck to go to court to discuss visitation rights with my ex and a court appointed mediator. 3 hours sitting in a little room with the biggest liar was a challenge, stressful and gave me the worst tension headache i've had in years. no agreement was reached, even though i offered up what i thought was a pretty generous compromise. so we get to go to court again on the 28th and do it all again in front of a judge. (throw in your favorite cuss words right here).

* did i mention i dig my new boss? he was very sympathetic about me having to miss half the day, and even called me after work to make sure i was okay, as when i returned to work, the stress clearly showed through my mega professional exterior. there are good guys in the world.

* i've purchased several new books. some as gifts and a few for me. me= a cool cookbook, Insomnia by s. king (recommended by a good bud), and Born Standing Up, by steve martin. i adore steve martin. his blend of comedic timing and esoteric intellectuality is quite a blend that mckay enjoys. i've read his other books, Shopgirl, The Pleasure of My Company, and some of his New Yorker essays. i may even drive up to los angeles to hear him speak coming up in the next few months. i don't think it's a book signing, but more of a lecture on his early comedic years. we'll see.

that's all for now. time to wake up mckid and take on the day. i hope yours is wonderful.



Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I like him too. I read Pure Drivel a while back.

Well, most of it.

One of my very favorite movies is LA Story. Very romantic and funny.

kat said...

I LOVE Steve Martin. I wrote him a letter when I was a kid, asking him to be my dad. I had the pleasure of actually meeting him last Spring. He rules. Perfect dad material.

Congrats on the 9. You rule.