Saturday, January 02, 2010

ornaments, memories, tissue paper and life

this evening i'm watching You've Got Mail while taking down my christmas tree ornaments. it's a charming movie with a christmassy feel, so the chance meeting of me and movie is a good fit for tonight's task. i remember the first time i saw this movie. i was disapproving of the two main characters - how they were both in relationships, yet had secret online tet-a-tets. granted, neither person was married, but still they were living with other partners and were supposed to be monogamous. yet, now looking back, perhaps i was so miffed by their wandering romantic eyes because i was so insecure about my own relationship. in truth, is it wrong to see something wonderful and be open to possibilities if you're at a crossroads and have the opportunity to make a turn in your life? living together isn't a life long commitment, it's a convenience and a cop out, in my opinion.

woo, i can get my panties in a twist, hmm? it really is a cute little movie and meg ryan was truly at her perky, sexy girl next door best. she and hanks had such great chemistry together, wouldn't you agree?

anyways, i really should be putting away my ornaments, but it tends to take time as each ornament unconsciously gets its own acknowledgment and moment of remembering the story of how that ornament came into my life. some are from my childhood, some given to me by my mother, friends, sister. but the most precious were made by my children. i think of my loved ones as i wrap each piece in tissue, protected and valued for the memories they instill.

memories are wonderful, but now's the time to put them away, too. i can wrap them in tissue, perhaps, as most of them are special. and the others - i can toss 'em. with 2010 i will be looking forward - making new memories. the view of the future is an exciting thing, don't you think?

there's so much to look forward to. watching my kids grow and tackle new achievements, me...directing more theater and maybe getting away on some fabulous trip abroad. maybe i'll meet some amazingly attractive soul on the internet ;0). hey, if it can happen to meg ryan, it can happen to me. not that i'm looking. but a chance meeting would be ...nice.

there's a line in the move that goes something like this: "is there someone special in my life? no, but there is the dream of someone."

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Suz Broughton said...

All good stuff here!
That is funny about "You've got mail" because I remember feeling the same way...and I too feel that way about living together.
I don't even use all the decorations from the tree but keep them year after year to look at them and remember. It's like a time capsule.
Happy New Year to you! I look forward to reading about what you're up to this year.