Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Lessons in Letting Go

For months now I’ve been communicating with a loan broker about rates, plans, and such. I was pre-approved months ago. She rattled off prices and mortgage payments so I knew what price range I could consider.

Now it’s the 11th hour and the story changes.

The minimal review loan process has changed to a full review. She wanted to lie about my job title and income on the loan. I refused to lie, so now I might not get approved, which means no house..or get the house at a higher interest rate on a no doc loan. Why can’t people be up front about stuff instead of playing salesperson and saying what you want to hear until it’s too late to back out??? Why am I trying so hard to get a nice house in a good school district that now they say is out of my league? Maybe I just need to face facts and sell most of my furniture, rent an apartment, get rid of my dogs, sell my RX300 and get a Kia. Darn.

I pray. I cry a bit in private. I let go. I wait. I pack.


Jamie Dawn said...

I'm sorry for your troubles. I sincerely hope it works out and that you get the house. I hate it when people aren't up front and honest. You just want people to tell it like it is so you can make decisions and move ahead.

JohnJEnright said...

That is so unethical of the loan broker. I hope somehow this works out.

ObilonKenobi said...

Never trust a Mortgage Broker. Always go to a bank directly and get a banking Loan Officer. Trust me. I'm a Sales Manager of a Mortgage Office. Need a loan?