Friday, November 18, 2005

ruka shuk a fruk!#@*&!

argh. and to make matters worse, my ex-hubby refuses to verify employment.

(as you can see, i'm still on a rant)

i divorced him because he chose to do a despicable thing. an unforgivable thing. (this is hubby #2, btw. hubby #1 only cheated and left me for the slutty flute player. this was worse).

i know, i know. i have a defective hubby picker gene.

when we got married i quit my corporate job to help him run his business. Now that we're divorced, he's refused to have his staff verify that i worked there for 5 years. i never took a paycheck, so technically i wasn't an employee, but i was the financial controller of the business, ran the office and the HR, payroll and payables aspects of the place.

i think he's a little pissed off that i helped try to get him put in jail.

ya think?


Jamie Dawn said...

Yes, I think. Well, shoooooot! Rant away for as long as you need to. Get it out of your system, so you don't explode or spontaneously combust.

mckay said...

LOL! thanks, JD.

Miss Fabulous said...

He sounds like an assh*le.

A pox on him!

The Zombieslayer said...

Yowsa. Not very good luck with husbands you have. :(

But then again, you live in SoCal. Not a good place for either gender when it comes to marriage. Beautiful place to live though.