Thursday, July 20, 2006

changes in my routine

my son is away on his first camping trip with his dad, which leaves me alone for several days (i will save you all the pity party woe's me stuff). so with my added free time after work i thought i would go to the gym...and guess what?

i re-discovered something i forgot i already knew. i hate going to the gym. i think i will actually cancel my gym membership.

* # * # *

for the past two weeks or so, my television's been on the fritz. it's done this before and i shelled out around $300 to get it repaired about a year ago, which isn't too bad to spend on a tv we paid 3 grand for back at the start of the millennium. now it's back to its same old tricks - it just won't turn on. *sigh* i hate spending money on stuff like this. i've waited for it to magically get better...which it has done in the past, but since it actually seems to be dead this time i bit the bullet. oh well. here's what i bought online last night: for you technogeeks, it's a 42 inch vizio hdtv plasma w/ tuner. i have no idea when it will arrive, but i sure hope the delivery guy will be kind enough to carry it upstairs for me.

* # * # *

since i refuse to go to the gym, and being a tv watching couch potato isn't an option, tonight after work i plan on taking my dog to huntington beach (the real, one-and-only Surf City, USA) for a bit of fun at the famous dog beach. it's a great place to run around and let your pooch have some fun. i've never taken my mutt there and he can be a bit of a scaredycat, so it'll be interesting to see how he reacts to the beach, the ocean and other dogs running around without a care or leash. i'll be sure to take my camera.


Ellen said...

I'd be happy to take the dogs for you just to get the chance to go to the beach. Land-locked now, and former New England girl who used to live on the beach, I really miss it.... and the dogs look like they are having way too much fun!

Have a great time!

mckay said...

i agree ellen, it's almost sinful that i live so close to the beach and haven't gone more.

those are experienced dog beach doggers in that picture. it'll be funny to see how my novice mutt reacts tonight.

Mr. Althouse said...

I thought Santa Cruz was the REAL Surf City...

Shows what I know

Heart Of Darkness said...

I hate going to the gym too! Why do we put ourselves under this inhumane behavior when it's so obviously not our favorite? Stupidity, I'm thinking over here... :)

TV - I've learend one VERY valuable lesson that time my TV on/off button had a small manfunction. Get a new one. A LOT cheaper the repairing it.
First, the repairman went to the wrong address and when he finally showed up, he was two hours late, then I was sans TV for two weeks, and when he finally brought my TV back, it cost me the amount a brand new TV would cost... oh, pooh! And - not to forget - never again!

Anonymous said...

A real couch potato would watch the beach on TV.


mckay said...

mike, HB and SC have been duking it out over the moniker for quite some time. HB filed the name as an official tradmark is the last thing i remember hearing in the press. you know how those press guys are.. ;-)

heart, oy. electronics. last night i was fighting with wires, cables, and pushing a 42 inch tv and cabinet away from the wall. argH! i bought a tiny 15" LCD tv last night to use until the plasma gets here in 10 days. dang, those LCDs have a great picture!

jef, don't tell anybody but i didn't go to the beach after all. i forgot i was out of dog food, so i went to sams club....and bought that little 15" LCD. it's so cute!!

when i got home the sun would've been setting by the time i drove to the beach.

maybe i'll take the mutt on to the beach saturday morning.

Layla said...

Huntington Beach ROCKS! I am a bit further south and San Clemente is my beach of choice but we have three of the placed mentioned in the Beach BOys song right here: Tressles, Dana Point, and San Onofre

Hope both you and your dog have a great time!!

mckay said...

layla, i used to hang out down there quite often - my EX is an avid surfer. he surfed old man's @ sano the most.

Jamie Dawn said...

Your dog is actually a scaredydog.

Your new TV sounds ulta coool!

I don't go to the gym. I exercise a few times a week on my elliptical trainer. I watch TV while doing it, which helps me stay on the machine a little longer than I would if I didn't watch TV.
I sure wish my butt would shrink in a noticeable way every time I spend a half hour on that machine. That would really make me WANT to exercise.