Monday, July 10, 2006

mckay's triple berry pie

first, let me send cyber apologies for not blogging in a while. my daughter's in town and i tend to spend tons of time shopping (ugh) and goofing around (yippee!) with her as much as possible. we just got back from the beach and i am quite sunburn.

now, for the pie. the votes were tallied and berries of all types were mentioned with much fervor. being the people pleasin' gal that i am, i made up a concoction of blackberries, raspberries and blueberries with a creative raspberry glaze. this amazingly delicious mix filled a braided pie crust. i'm not much of a pie fanatic, but i must say that this was fabulous. mine is the round pie in the lower right corner. and isn't that a beautiful dessert table? my sister made rice krispy treats shaped like lobsters (she says she doesn't do pies)...there was an apple, a peach, an apricot, a ruhbarb, a blueberry tart....


A Novelist said...

OMG, I think I gained 5 lbs just by looking at these delicious desserts! ;)

Jamie Dawn said...

I would have headed to your pie, pronto! I LOVE berries, blackberries and raspberries are my favs.

I'm so glad you are spending loads of tiime with your daughter. I know you cherish that.

Hello to her from blogdom!!!!!

Enjoy every minute!

Anonymous said...

Stop it! Stop it! I want to tell "pie" jokes!


Ellen said...

Lobster shaped rice krispy treats?
Now that is inventive... I love it!

All the desserts looked yummy... I would have eaten off that table, nevermind what else was served.

Mr. Althouse said...

Ok, I've been here a couple of times, looked at the yummy pies and couldn't think of anything to say, so I didn't. I still can't, so I'm saying so, which really means that I do have something to say, which is that I don't have anything to say, which is something.

Ouch - my head hurts;-')


mckay said...

mike, shut up and eat some pie. ;-)

ellen, i gave my sis the idea for the krispy treats, but somehow she doesn't remember that ;-)

jef, i've never seen american pie. when someone called me a MILF i didn't know what it meant, so i asked some coworkers. they laughed hysterically at my expense. oh well.

jd, we went to disneyland today...i just got home from taking my daughter to the airport :( Dland, we got to see Cpt. Jack Sparrow of the Black Pearl on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride..and while on the train, i thought i saw a family that looked very similar to yours. i thought, "woo! jd's at Dland!"

R, tell me about it, girl. i've got the 5 pounds your talking about (plus my daughter begged for krispy kreme donuts last night. do they have those in other parts of the US?

TheCleaningWoman said...


No pecan??????

*sulk sulk*

mckay said...

cw, call me old fashioned, but i always think of pecan as a thanksgiving pie. can you hold out until november?

Bree said...

What a scrumptious looking feast!!!
You're making me hungry!!!

Anonymous said...

This picture has just made me so hungry!