Monday, July 31, 2006

the longest drum roll.....

Okay, so i check my email this afternoon and here’s what in there:

“Thank you for entering our Backyard Contest. We would like to invite you to a special reception where we’ll serve hors d’oeuvres and announce our Grand Prize Winner.
The event is scheduled to take place on THURSDAY, AUGUST 3RD, FROM 5P-7P in the KZRA Courtyard.
Please reply to this email with your RSVP and how many guests you will bring.
Thank you!
KZRA Promotions Department”

so, now i’m thinking it’s one of two doors:

door number 1) i’ve won...

or door number 2) they’re inviting lots of entrants to the reception because all the vendors will be there to pass out brochures and little coupons for all the folks with the cruddy back yards. now i do live in southern california, but taking time off work, finding someone to watch my son and driving into the los angeles area during the high traffic time is not my idea of a fun afternoon. granted, the lure of mini quiches and a wine in a plastic cup are quite enticing, but i’ve become such a social hermit, i’d rather spend the evening with my 4 year old than schmooze with other garden challenged black thumbs.

i will have a better idea which is my fate when i learn from my sister if she received the same email… that'll give me a hint.

oh, and did i mention they changed their website? the contest logo/verbiage on the website used to read "Oasis $100,000 backyard / patio makeover" now it just says "patio". granted, the email says "backyard" but hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

okay. i just heard from my sister and she did not get the same email. she's going to go up to L.A. with me after i find someone to watch my son. arghhh. the suspense is killing me!


Ellen said...

Can't wait to do the happy dance for you! Fingers are still crossed in your favor.

TheCleaningWoman said...

Excitement plus! Ah, you must go now. Good luck!

Senor Caiman said...


Keep in mind all radio people are drunk scum so don't let your guard down.

I bought a house with one of those rock streams out front and the weird thing is it only flows when the porch light is on.

Heart Of Darkness said...

Well, you either won, or you're one of the top runner ups!

Congrats (either way) and GOOD LUCK!

Anonymous said...

How fun!


mckay said...

ellen, oh yeah..happy dance! you'll have to come down and cater my patio soiree :)

CW, yep. i'm going. i told my boss about it and she said those same words. i MUST go now :)

senor caiman, excellent advice. i have a family member in the radio biz and she would agree with you. ...that's one funny stream you have, croc.

heart, i think i've figured it out. they're inviting up some top contenders and they'll get to know us at the reception and then make a final decision.

jef, wheeeeeee!

Neil said...

Let's hope it is the right door!