Friday, November 17, 2006

IF i did it?

let me just say this: if any of you fine readers buy this book i will have to get in my car, on a plane, boat or yak to come slap you silly.

who thought up that title? the publisher? the author? "if i did it"???? i could go on a tirade that'd make naomi campbell blush, but i will keep this brief.

the murderer who shall remain nameless is shameless and, as the publisher kinda points out, is a sociopath. i honestly think the publisher is shameless, as well. any rationalizing she has done to justify her publishing this book doesn't meet my standards of a stand up kinda gal. to use her abuse as a vehicle, rationale and excuse for publishing this wad of trash makes my skin crawl.

my personal hurdle is to get over what happened to my family. i need to not have 'that" be my defining moment in my reason for X, Y and Z. i need to move on and find something other than that horrific experience be what makes me ME. i haven't done it yet because i tend to still look at my life as "before that happend and after that happened". i know i must get to a point when i don't think that way. i just want my daughter back. i won't write a book about it. i won't have it be a movie of the week. i won't put my kids through that. ever.

how could he?

as i said. shameless.


Bar Bar A said...

I agree with you one hundred percent! I wrote about this the other day but I think you really got the point across not only that "he" is a sociaopathic murderer, but that the book publisher should be ashamed of herself - BS - this book was written for one reason TO MAKE MONEY

Mr. Althouse said...

not wasting one second on whats-his-name. ok, not one more.

TheCleaningWoman said...

Money. Simple as that. The only person she's fooling is herself.

Violet said...

Glad that they decided to pull the plug on the whole thing. What a lack of integrity for even thinking that it was acceptable.

Gary said...

I seem to remember that Judith's boyfriend is a police chief who was caught in a corruption scandal. I think she is one of those people who are VERY ambitious for money and status and will do just about anything to get it. Very shallow.

Dave Morris said...

Yes, but do you realize how many people were going to watch the television special????

This says a LOT about society these days. The Doors were right... people are strange.

(In the spirit of full disclosure, we were going to have a "watch this ridiculous television show out of morbid curiosity" party that night. I'm not proud of that fact)