Saturday, November 04, 2006

overdue post

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what?! you want happiness and love? go somewhere else, you dopes. this is national bad mood day. grrrrrrrrr.

okay, so i'm not really in a bad mood, but i know i'm way overdue in getting a post out. work life's been very busy now that the CIO has moved on. i'm doing tons more decision making and strategic planning (what to get for lunch) for the executives than i thought i would during this transition. seriously, i'm involved in more meetings to help redefine areas of responsibility, keeping the execs focused on deadlines to corporate, and using the fine art of bossing around people who are 5 pay grades higher to make sure they're not running around all willy nilly promoting people to positions that don't exist in the HR job codes (snore, i know) etc.... basically i'm the office mom. adored, sometimes ignored, but ultimately respected (even though they might stick their tongues out at me behind my back, just like son did last night, but that's a whole other story).

here's my plan for today:
getting this post finished while the laundry room is noisy with the cleaning of clothes, shower, then taking my son to home depot for their 'first saturday of the month' kids' workshop. he's been dying to wack a hammer and pound some nails all week, so today's the day.

but what i'm really looking forward to is national bittersweet chocolate with almonds day on 11/7. life is good when chocolate is in my future.
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p.s. 11/7 is also election day. get out the vote and the chocolate. woo!


javacurls said...

Home Depot's has a children workshops! Wow, that is so cool!! I'm sure my son would love it too!

Mr. Althouse said...

Glad to see you back in the mix. I'm probably going to be MIA for the next few days as well, you know... elections. I wrote a "One vote can make a difference" column - it's posted on Overflow.


Layla said...

Darn it, I was hoping you were in a bad mood so I could have someone to bitch with. I guess I'll change moods.

Now about that chocolate - tell me when it's milk chocolate day - not nuts, not nothin, just pure, creamy, rich, high-end chocolate.

I've got my ballot ready to go.

Violet said...

dammit... i was having a perfectly good time reading people's blogs and you just reminded me that i needc to go move the laundry... thanks!


Ellen said...

Everyday's a good day when chocolate's involved. Have you tried the new Hershey bar that has caramel in the center of the chocolate bar? I'm addicted to it now. Luckily I have plenty of milk in the house to get it down properly.

I perfectly understand the overdue post... I'm due for one myself. If only my silly life wouldn't get in the way most days.....

healthpsych said...

Wondered what had happened to you!!

Sure seems like there's a day for everything. I'm personally waiting for Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake day.
Doesn't exist? DOES NOW!

mckay said...

java, we had so much fun. my son is obsessed with tools and "fixing" things. last night he "fixed" our dinner table to where it was teetering on the verge of collapse. the frame turned out perfect. we spay painted it red to match the shelves in his room :0)

sam, i need to find out where my new voting place is for tomorrow morning!

layla, national milk chocolate day is July 28th ;0)

violet, you should thank me that no one stole your laundry (if it was a public laundry room). that happened to me once. i was so mad!! i put up a very terse note and a week later my laundry was returned. creepy people!

ellen, do i haven't and don't tempt me! i'm down 7 pounds and i want to keep up the pace. turkey stuffing is in my future.......ooooooo

psycho, if your dr's couch was a couple of continents closer i could give you an earful! and duly noted that 11/6 is now chocolate fudge cheesecake day. do you have the restaurant called The Cheesecake Factory in Australia? it's delish!! but again, i'm trying to be a good girl these days.