Wednesday, April 04, 2007

game o life

remember the game of life? spin the spinner and move toward college, career, marriage, kids, pay somes taxes, collect your salary and then it's a fast finish to the poor house or the lap o luxurious retirement mansion.

(wouldn't it be funny if they came out with a game of real life with lots of now-a-days life cards:

"probation officer sees you at strip club" lose your turn

"next door neighbor is arrested for meth lab in his garage" put your house on the market and pay more association dues

"co-worker gets a drunk at company party, loses the boss's respect" get promotion and big pay raise)

basically, i've been thinking about keeping my head on straight as i start to think about life outta the cave. as i've reconnected with an old friend and started to exchange emails, i found myself mentally racing around the game board, imagining all the future possibilities...then i reminded myself that my game piece is still on the Start square.

well, i got another email today, and i think i can officially move my game piece ahead a couple of spots. here's a sample:

"I am looking forward to getting together to collect on our little bet. (i owe him dinner from a bet we made at the st. paddy's party) But more importantly to begin to dialogue with you and to explore this opportunity that the Lord has brought us together to share in...there seems like so much to share but sharing it in an email and even over the phone just does not seem as good as being face to face with you."

yes, i'm pretty darn happy this evening. whether or not this turns into something romantically significant or not, i know that i am venturing back into my own game of life, and it feels good.


Anonymous said...

If I liked you and you lost a bet there would be NO WAY you would pay if I liked you. I'm guessing he's buying you dinner tonight.

You're on your way.

BTW - my ultimate game of life card would read, "Wife's ex-husband goes to jail and is raped by a gang banger named 'Tiny' who weights 400 pounds. He never sees your stepkids again, you win the lottery without paying for a ticket and the ex never interferes with your life again.".

That should cover it ...


Ellen said...

My ultimate game of life card would read: You have just lost all of your middle aged weight baggage. Oh wait! I did that already... so I guess I jumped ahead a few spots away from the start button too. Feels good to be amongst the living doesn't it?

Easter/ Spring greetings to you, Mckay. It's been too long since I've been over here to say hello.

Jamie Dawn said...


Face to face, baby!!!!

Enjoy life, dear McKay.
You deserve some goooodness.

Happy Easter!

ablondeblogger said...

Oh my gosh, how exciting! How did it go?!!!

By the way, you should make up a game like that, call it "Real Life" and patent it. You'd make a ton of money!

Emma Sometimes said...

Wow, you have to share how your turn goes... ;o) (I can see the sunshine coming 'round)

So the real question? Is he HOT?!

mckay said...

edge...he's picking up the tab ;0)

ellen, congrats on getting some good rolls in the game o life. keep it up....and watch out, i'm catching up. :0)

jamie, you have no idea how much i'm looking forward to our face off tomorrow night.

dawnie, it's tomorrow night!! i like your idea to figure out a game. i was giving that some thought last night? video game, perhaps...with players from all walks of life. could be fun :0)

emma, he's hot in the best kind of way - he's a good person whom i like and trust...and thinking of him.... (sigh).... so yeah, he's a lil hotty in my book (he reminds me a bit of apolo anton ohno, back when we were that age)

Anonymous said...


Let's be careful about this face to face stuff, don't be too naughty too

Saur♥Kraut said...

ooooooh! You MUST fill us in immediately, do you hear? That sounds VERY interesting. BTW, I like Edge's version of Life. I'd like to order a set, please.

Mr. Althouse said...

I read somewhere that someone's date(s) went very well?? Do tell,


mckay said...

LOL, sam! it did, and i will, but it's still a jumble in my mind and emotions. i'm still sorting it all out.

TheCleaningWoman said...

Long time since I've been able to comment, McKay (thanks Blogger!) ... great deserve something good...let us know how it turns out.

Jamie Dawn said...

Just a "Hello! Hope you're doing well. If not, I'd like to cheer you up a bit."

What do moles drink?

HOLE milk. :)

No groans please!!!!

Senor Caiman said...

Are you too chicken to get Lasik?