Saturday, March 31, 2007

emo post ending

here's the end of the st. paddy's day story. i'll make it short and sweet.

i spent the first part of the evening chatting with old friends...hit the wall of 'i don't like mingling. i'm uncomfortable, so i'm ready to go home", but then i saw a friend sitting out on the patio. i walked over, sat and talked with him for the rest of the evening...more like into the wee hours.

we've known each other for around 12 years. in my single years i dated one of his best friends. we were team leaders, so we worked together often.

we lost touch when i got married; however he's one of those people i always love to see. i get a little bit happier when he's around.

(side bar: in fact i had just read an article about this very feeling that morning. i think reading that article helped motivate me to get out and reconnect.)

well, my old buddy and i, we've been emailing a little bit..and i wonder if....maybe..something might develop.

how awkward to wonder if someone else feels the potential, too.


being out of the cave and in the sun can feel vulnerable, exciting and back to vulnerable...then back to exciting and vulnerable again.

i feel a tiny bit exposed. where's my fig leaf?


Mr. Althouse said...

You're funny! Just relax...


Anonymous said...

Are you sending nekid pics? He'll date you if you do ... or maybe not...


Saur said...

It IS awkward, isn't it? But fun, too! I hope that it works well for you. I'm not really sure what I want, anymore, so I can't put myself in your shoes at the present. ;o)

Jamie Dawn said...

NO fig leaf allowed!
Flaunt it baby!! :)
Have fun continuing the reconnection.

mckay said...

sam, you always say the right thing. thanks.

nekid pics would def scare the poor guy off, jef

saur, i totally agree and understand. a huge part of me screams NEVER AGAIN!! ...and whispers, well, maybe ...if.... saur, this is life, chica!

jamie, i can always count on you for a laugh, a smile and genuine encouragement. thank you.

Jamie Dawn said...

Your welcome!

Jamie Dawn said...

Oooops, typo!!!!

Let me try that again:

You're welcome.

That's better.