Sunday, March 11, 2007

creeped me out, man

didja ever have one of those moments that was creepy, scary and surreal? i had one yesterday. i was out for a nice walk with mckid and the dog. mckid was ahead on his lil fireball of a toddler bike and i was a bit further back walking with the dog. we were three-quarters of the way home after getting a bite to eat at the neighborhood carl's jr.

the whole walk i kept shouting at my lil powerhouse to slow down, turn around and come back closer to in numbers...stop before the curb....make sure i can see you. he just wanted to keep peddling as fast as he could, just like a little boy should.

well, there he was, going like gang busters down the last stretch of the main road and then i saw it.

a white van driving so slow it seemed odd. there were no street signs for a driver to be searching for. the van slowed down almost to a stop. i had a vision of it stopping, the side door opening and my boy vanishing. ..and i was just too far away to stop it from happening.

i gave the driver the evil eye from hell and was ready to let my golden retriever/pitbull of a mutt go, in the hopes of him transforming from a lovable lug into a mix of lassie, krypto the superdog and cujo.

the van took off. i had my eyes on my boy, then i turned around to get the plate and it was gone. vanished...must have floored it to be gone so fast. and that was that.

did i imagine it? was i a bit paranoid? i'll never know. i do know my boy is save and i'm buying a bike so i can keep up with him.


Anonymous said...

What is it with people and kids. That's just odd. Buy a tazer or start a neighborhood watch.


mckay said...

i dunno, jef. i'm the type who is programmed to protect. i guess others have their wires crossed.
as i tell my son, every day we get to make choices and each choice leads us either closer to or farther away from God. and so life goes.

Emma Sometimes said...

that is scary! I'd wonder, too. You can feel it in your gut.

I've been down with the crud otherwise I would have been over here sooner to say hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be back!

Mr. Althouse said...

I'd like to think that with enough resolve (it's a good word, its just been given a bad rap of late, but I digress), I can prevail under all conditions. Being tough or strong or vigilant or even intimidating doesn't work if a perpetrator cannot be identified or isolated. All the power in the world can't undo what happens when I'm not watching - and I can't watch all the time.

I don't think this helps much, I guess in the final analysis, faith and trust have to suffice when I am not present and able to do unto to certain others - myself.


Bruce said...

Hi Mckay,
You gave me the shivers!!
When I was reading your blog, I was thinking that you are joking or smth like this, but if it is true, it is a really strange.
Sometimes white van man is a really shrinking you. And this photo of a van is so scary, like in a horror movie.