Saturday, March 31, 2007

momma's lessons in life

mckid surprised me the other day. his preschool teacher told me he pulled down his pants on the playground. i gave him the standard mom speech about private parts and making good choices, even if the bad choices are much funnier.

driving home we talked about the concepts of public decency and what's okay and not okay to do in public. i figured a little punishment was in order.

i told him, "you don't get to watch your tv show tonight while i make dinner. i get to watch one of my shows."

This is the ultimate torture for a five year old.

my fool proof plan backfired when i picked a tivo'd program, The Kennedy Center Presents. It was the 2005 Mark Twain Prize, going to Mr. Steve Martin. mckid was sufficiently bored until the Flydini clip came on.

mckid's responses were so genuinely funny. here's some of the stuff he said as he watched...

"how does he do that magic? maybe he's a chicken."

"the cigarette comes outta his pants?!"

"another egg?!" hahahahaha!

"flowers?! how does he do this magic?!"

"momma! now a puppet came outta his pants! a puppet is singing! how is a puppet singing???!!!


'now THAT was a funny thing. i wanna see that again."

*singing ala pavarotti*

"a puuuuuuppet came ouuuuutta his paaaaaaants!

sometimes the lesson a momma intends, teaches a completely different lesson.


Jamie Dawn said...

That is one of Steve Martin's CLASSICS!!
I've seen it several times over the years, and it is always funny.
Now, McKid will be doing magic tricks from his zipper while on the playground.
Lookie here! It's a flower for you, Mrs. Teacher.

TheCleaningWoman said...

Ahh. Timing is everything. Can't wait to see what follow-up act develops in the playground