Thursday, July 12, 2007

the no topic post

i have no idea what this post will be about. i just want to get the last post behind me. i do still have stitches to be removed, which, frankly, i'm dying to yank out. they're so itchy! i would if i could reach them.

i could not, would not take pics of my stitches, sam i am, but for your gory enjoyment here is a more realistic pic of stitches. these are not MY stitches, but are very similar in length - just add one more stitch to the row and you've got my wound. i do; however, think my doc is a more skilled knitter.

update on rick?
back to friends, it seems. ...and the dance continues. yes, he did send me a birthday card in the mail and an e-card, signed....your friend, rick. when we're apart we are in friend mode, but when we get together there is an invisible force of attraction that neither one of us chooses to ignore. that is, until the next time we get together. mckay knows it's time i set a firm boundary and say, "no milk unless you date the cow."

wait, that sounds all wrong.


i have a second phone interview with a large medical corporation tomorrow morning. i've decided it's time to start looking around for some new opportunities..


why is it i get men giving me ’the look’ when i'm out driving, but never when i'm out n about walking around?? is it my car or my butt?


i bought a new couch this week. my sis works at restoration hardware and i got 40% off the most scrumptious leather couch i've ever seen. it's like butta. rick sure is missing out on some good couch time. damn.


Anonymous said...

I'm a big believer in testing the cow's milk even if there might not be an option to buy, but I rarely had any takes on that deal.

He likes you, eventually he'll come around and go, "Hey, I like her!"

Can't help you on your car or your butt.

Although if there was a cow involved ...


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Have you heard all the 'cow economy' jokes that go around?

Michele sent me.

Sue said...

Visiting you from Michele's today but the whole car/butt thing had me laughing my own butt off. I get the same thing but I figure since I drive an explorer, it is probably disdain at the gas I am wasting :( My face and body would stop traffic and not in a good way :)

Bob-kat said...

I hope you get those stitches removed soon!

I must say I laughed at your cow reference and at the car/butt one. Seems I suffer from that 'look' thing in the car too!

Michele sent me to say hi :)

Mr. Althouse said...

I get the look when I'm driving sometimes too. Then they see the mustache!

What's with the cow metaphor? A Freudian slip, perhaps??

Lastly, I got tired of waiting for Michele to send me, so I just wandered over here myself.


NetChick said...

Jeesh... I cut off my previous 'ex' a long time ago in that regard. Can't have your cake and eat it too, I say. You become emotionally unavailable for new loves.

Have a great weekend!


Mr. Althouse said...

Ok, this time Michele did send me, but I already said my thing, so now what?


mckay said...

edge, LOL you may NOT taste my milk!

Jean-luc, i'll have to google cow economy when i get home. it's blocked here at work.

sue and bobkat, glad to have you laughing. that's one of my goals in life. i get a kick outta making people laugh.

sam, you've got me scratching my head with the cow/freudian was SUPOSSED to be sexual (even though the rickster and i have been very innocent and clean cut thus far). ...but now i keep picturing a cow wearing a slip.

oh, tanya, i am quite emotionally and physicaly available these days. ;0) i currently have a crush on our building's air conditioner repairman. he' gotta be 7 ft tall. can you say, "Woah?!!" again?! seriously, you know the door's always open for you...unless i'm on the couch with rick ;0)

Thumper said...

I get the look when I'm on my bike. From other women. And then they realize I'm not a guy, and they take off like I've just flashed boobies at them.

Apparently, people are attracted by modes of transportation...?

Here via Michele's!

Michele said...

I wanted to see what it might be like to follow Mr. Althouse here I am.

Oh, Restoration Hardware is one of my favourite stores. Ever. My sofa also came from there but not with a sister discount. I obviously need a new sister. Oh wait I don't even have a sister - although I want one and will therefore occasionally call my brother Kimberly, which might explain why he doesn't return my calls. Or maybe there are other reasons, but I can't imagine what they might be.

You have made me laugh several times during the last two days - so I am off to add you to my blogroll. I know it is not that big of a deal, but Mr. Althouse had to wait MONTHS to be added. Yeah, I can be like that!

Or not!

Stephanie Davies said...

LOL It's been so long since any man has given me "the look" (in car or in person) that I would be grateful for even a "car" look lol

As for your post think THAT'S I could top that easy lol But trust me, you really don't want to know :D

Here from Michele's tonight to say "Watch out for Mad Cow Disease!", and "Please allow anonymous commenting on your blog so I can enter a non-blogger URL :) " lol

utenzi said...

I love leather couches. I've been looking for one I like on Craig's List for a few weeks now ('cause I'm also cheap). Good luck with the Rick situation. It sounds frustrating!

I'd love to give you a second opinion on the butt issue but you'll have to post a picture, y'know? LOL

Michele sent me over to be a bother, mckay.

craziequeen said...

I am so skilled at giving 'The Look' that it has been trademarked to me by my friends - so I now give The Look™.

I enjoy giving The Look™ at work, it confuses the men and gets a lot done for me.......[chuckle]

I would be lost without The Look™ and no one can give it like I can.... [lol]

Michele sent me to say 'don't give up on Rick just yet!' and if it does end up just friendship, he sounds like a stayer.


colleen said...

Lately I've been getting "the look" from older men in their seventies. I guess I look like a young chick compared to them. The nice part of getting older is that I look at men of all ages, not just my own age anymore. Michele sent me over.

HP said...

Stitches, cows, cars, Rick? Man, I've been away way too long.....

SAM I AM said...

thought i would check and see how the surgery went. glad allis well. was a little disappointed in the stitches picture though.
please dont take offense at this, {tactful has never been an adjective used to describe me} but after seeing the picture of you with your daughter, i have to say if this rick guy didnt try to get in your pants the second time yall were together.....he is gay. ask him to help you arrange the furniture, not spend time on it
are you scottish?

mckay said...

samiam - rick has not, as you so delicately put it, tried to get in my pants. he and i are devout catholics and are able to restrain from basic physical cravings, delicious as they might be. some heterosexuals choose to be celibate.

i do think the last part of your comment was funny - arranging the furniture instead of spending time on it.

and yep, i'm scottish.

SAM I AM said...

i said, please dont take offense

mckay said...

sam you are, no offense taken, but i thought i'd point out the imaginary line you were close to crossing. my daughter lurks and reads (hi, mckteen!), so of course i choose to keep this play area quirky but classy.

ablondeblogger said...

Oh, poo on Rick! Doesn't he know a good thing when he sees it? Grrrrr!!

Emma Sometimes said...

You have stitches? No staples? They do itch.

I like your rowboat analogy (yes, two posts, one comment). You are a very wise person to know you own limits, your strengths and when to move on.

Like Edna Mode says in the Incredibles, "Never look back dahling, it distracts from the now".

Good luck in the job hunt!!

Emma Sometimes said...

PS. People never give me the look in my van...full of kids, with fine 10 year old Ford automobile falling off. Gee, I wonder why.