Thursday, January 03, 2008

been there, done some of that and will do some of these...

magikat (see "the actress" on the sidebar) posted a fun little list of things to do before 2007 ended. i looked at her list and did some quick new math and figured out i did eleven of them, but i'm not saying which ones.

Take a bubble bath, pay old bills, snuggle with your puppies, stare up at the sky, organize your closet, have fabulous sex, finish a to-do list, daydream, go for a bicycle ride, paint your toenails, call your family, flip through a magazine and sip a glass of wine, get your boogie on, plan a trip, do a cartwheel, think big.

things i have planed for the upcoming month or so...
- possibly go to the movies with friend/potential romantical interest this weekend. woo!

- start Weigh Loss Challenge: Series II on 1/7, with a goal of losing another 10-12 pounds in the next six weeks (did i mention i've lost around 15 pounds so far?

- meet my new CIO (yes another new CIO....long story i couldn't post for fear of losing job) on 1/7

- go see steve martin and carol burnett lecture at the wilshire theatre in bevery hills on 1/24. i'm very excited about this.

- contact local theatre companies to see if they need an awesome yet not modest director.

- buy a bike and ride that sucker!

happy new year!



kmt said...

Hi Mckay,

The Steve Martin and Carol Burnett thing sounds awesome. Have a great time.


kat said...

Hahah! I love that you did so many things from that list! I am happy to say I got to all of them, although the bubble bath I saved for New Years Day. It's my favorite thing to do on the first day of the year because it's so indulgent and relaxing - what better way to kick it off!

"go see steve martin and carol burnett lecture at the wilshire theatre in bevery hills on 1/24" sounds OUTSTANDING!!!!!