Saturday, January 19, 2008

stalkers take note

today i'm going here to see her:

read this:

bloggers ROCK!

and write...and read...and apparently knit.


Jamie Dawn said...

That's totally cool!
She's from the south too which is GREAT!!!
I was meant to be born and raised in the south and to be very rich and talk with soft r's, but somehow things got a little mixed up in heaven, and I got sent to CA instead. Oh well, at least I got sent to the bestst parents ever.
She sounds like a funny lady.
Congrats to you on your weight loss!!
I'm two weeks into doing the juicing/blending thing, and so far... so good. I have that Oprah recipe you talked about. It is a green, blended drink, and it is quite good. Very healthy!
One thing, I've noticed about drinking a lot of veggies and fruit is that one gets MORE than enough fiber... if you get my drift.
I'm not following any certain plan. I'm just cutting way back on calories and allowing myself one splurge day every two weeks. Today is my first splurge day, and I enjoyed Chinese food for lunch. It tasted divine! Tomorrow, it's back to veggies.
Hooray for bohunkus reduction!!!!

NetChick said...

Aw, that's neat! I hope you had a blast. Too bad I don't live in CA anymore, or I'd totally go!

ps: I've *finally* blogrolled ya! ;)

ablondeblogger said...

Oh she sounds like so much fun! Let us know how it goes!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...