Thursday, March 30, 2006

model behavior

Naomi Campbell Charged With Assault
Thursday, March 30, 2006

NEW YORK — Naomi Campbell was charged with second-degree assault Thursday after cracking her housekeeper in the head with a phone during an argument in her Park Avenue apartment, police said.

The 35-year-old British-born supermodel was taken into custody shortly after police went to Lenox Hill Hospital to investigate the reported assault, police said.Campbell was charged after questioning at the Midtown North Precinct, where scores of photographers, reporters and film crews awaited her exit.

According to police, Campbell's 41-year-old housekeeper received four stitches to the head. When investigating officers arrived at the hospital, the alleged victim, who wasn't identified, said Campbell had attacked her, police said. The incident allegedly happened around 8 a.m. in Campbell's tony Park Avenue apartment.

In a statement, a Campbell spokesman said the supermodel wasn't responsible for any assault.

"We believe this is a case of retaliation, because Naomi had fired her housekeeper earlier this morning," said the statement from J.R. Johnson. "We are confident the courts will see it the same way."

Campbell, one of the world's most recognizable faces, was discovered at age 15. She launched a career that landed her in magazines worldwide — including the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

In 2003, she was sued by a former administrative assistant who alleged that Campbell had thrown a phone at her during a tantrum two years earlier.

Campbell pleaded guilty in Toronto to an assault charge for beating another assistant while making a film in Canada in 1998.

She has also battled a cocaine addiction.

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Watch out! She's gotta PHONE!

mckay says, “OMG, someone needs to add “no phones allowed” to her probation rules!..and who in their right mind would work for a lady with such a notorious history of going ballistic on assistants and/or housekeepers?!”

I answered my own question, didn’t I? No one in their right mind would work for such a shrew. If they knew the pattern, then they chose money over safety. If they didn’t know, then they have lived under a rock for the past decade and have no internet connection to keep up on the celebrities in hissy fit hot water.

Being an administrative assistant to a powerful female executive, I count my blessings that I am currently in my dream secretary job. My boss is powerful, fair, kind and quite the classy lady. I can honestly say that I have not had a phone thrown at me, nor have I been cracked over the noggin with a Nextel.


Jamie Dawn said...

I have a feeling that many celebrities are royal pains in the butt. I bet most of them are demanding and impatient. Naomi needs some self control.
Good grief! What's with the phones? Didn't Russel Crowe smack someone with a phone not too long ago?
I hope that housekeeper gets a good monetary settlement out of this. Someone needs to whack Naomi upside her head. Maybe that would stop her from attacking others... probably not.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

I heard about it on the news this morning and thought what is she doing. Of course, I thought after I had wished she had a different last name.

Mr. Althouse said...

She does it because she gets away with it and she'll get away with it again. Fame is not necessary, only money is. Oh sure, the criminal justice system is fair. The more money you have, the fairer it is. Can anyone say OJ?


mckay said...

jd, yep, many celebs are PITB; however, a rare few are sincerely humble. latest blurb i heard on the 'news' is that the cell was in a swarovski crystal incrusted case, making it a rather hefty weapon.

ralph, i know exactly what you mean, as a sur-namesake of mine is notoriously in the news this week..

mikey, you have no idea. i know, i know, i know.