Sunday, October 28, 2007

my sunday PostSecret ritual

i enjoy my morning coffee and i particularly look forward to my espresso on early sunday mornings while perusing the latest PostSecret blog post.

this morning i saw what could be my postcard, except it's not a secret. last night i chose not to attend a halloween party. rick was probably going to be there and i have no interest in being around him at a party. at the last summer bbq of the year, he was there and he chose to ignore me. awkward turned hurtful, when as he said his goodbyes to people in my immediate group, he gave me an uncomfortable hug and whispered, 'i'll call you."

he never did. that's why i choose not to be around him at a party. ewwwu. i'm so disipointed in his lack of maturity. now i know why he's in his 40's and never married.

the halloween party i AM choosing to attend? mckid's kindergarten classroom party this wednesday. I'll be skipping the corporate bbq and will scoot down the road to mckid's kindergarten. i get to be the classroom mom and bring the cupcakes. my costume? i'll wear a black business casual outfit with a leopard print sweater, kitty ears and tail.

meow and purrr.


Phil said...

I don't read PostSevret. It's fascinating, but for me, too depressing. I hate to see and hear about so many people iin emotional pain.

Jamie Dawn said...

I visited PostSecret many, many moons ago when I read about it at another blog. I haven't been back there since. It's a neat idea though since it's a safe place for people to share what's inside them.

Enjoy the party with McKid & classmates.
Your costume sounds cute.
All I have for a costume this year is a bobbly headband that I got from The Dollar Store. I like it though, and I bought one for my daughter too.

You don't need to avoid Rick because he's acting like a putz. If there's a party and you want to go to it, don't let him stand in your way. Easier said than done, I know, but I'd hate for you to miss out on some fun just because of him.

BreadBox said...

Sounds like an excellent choice you made between the two parties. How did McKid's party go? --- I trust that Rick wasn't there too:-)

Michele sent me today,