Sunday, October 14, 2007

tastes of mckay

i have eclectic tastes. musically, i love punk pop, such as bowling for soup, and italian tenors like Andrea Bocelli. i also dig on greenday or jazz when the moment feels right.

same could be said for my taste in men. since i don't wanna post pics of past loves, i can illustrate the wide range of mckay's fav types of manly men using various celebs as examples:

picture bruce lee without chiseled abs. this is my first ex.

picture steve martin in his wild and crazy stage. this is my bad ex.

picture paul giamantii sideways on a picnic blanket on a summer's day. this is rick.

picture pierce brosnan. sigh. picture him again. and repeat. this is no one i have ever dated, but a girl can dream, damn it.

picture drew carey, a big guy with an equally big personality. this looks vaguely similar to someone on whom i currently have a tiny crush.

now picture colin firth's character in "bridget jone's diary"...not because i've dated anyone who reminds me of him, but because that character captures every single grown woman's heart. he loves bridget 'just as she is'.

this is who i want now. someone who likes me just as i am. all of the above loved me or were attracted to me for various reasons. i was medium hot when i was younger. i took care of all their needs and focused on them so they could pursue their careers, dreams and other women. go figure.

i want mark darcey and i want him now.


Jamie Dawn said...

To all the men you've loved before,
who've traveled in & out your door...

Take nothing less than being loved as you are.
That way you don't have to keep up a false front.
Your previous men know they had a good thing with you, but they may never admit that to you.

Sad to say, I don't do legitimate weddings.
I could do a fake one for you when the need arises.
Old Old Lady on my side bar is a licensed minister who has done weddings over the years. She told me she bought her license. It's quite a fascinating story. She's quite fascinating.
She lives in the Hollywood area. My bro and I met her. Visit her blog sometime. Very interesting lady!

mckay said...

jd, i've been done with putting on a fake front since the day of my separation, feb 14, 2003. i was so absorbed in trying to keep a man sane, i didn't even know i'd lost myself in the battle.

the main reason why rick ran was because i was probably too brutal in pointing out all that is 'me'. i called it 'laying all the cards on the table'. i should have called it 'how to scare off a man in 5 easy dates'.

somewhere in the middle is probably a good place to rest. when i get there, i know i'll be at peace, alone or not.

Anonymous said...

Wow you have a lot of leads!


kat said...

I'll take the boyfriend that's a painting. Seems ideal!

Kidding aside - that you for those encouraging and sweet words you gave me. We always have to follow our dreams!

Phil said...

As long as you're putting up pics of guys you totally dig, the answer is yes, you can borrow my profile pic for part two of this piece

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

When I watched Bridgette Jones Diaries, I knew the minute I saw him that Colin Firth would be a star.

Chris said...

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Regards, Chris
(Please can you delete this comment after your decision?)

Neil said...

Can we just assume you like MEN, period?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for your visit and your very kind words...! I have been browsing around and I just want you to know that Pierce Brosnan was my next door neighbor for about 5 or 6 years, back in the day. A very dear man; a very very sweet family....In fact they gave me my cat Mooney....(She is long gone now....)
He was a wonderful neighbor and I was sorry when they moved away. And he is as dreamy looking as can be! (lol)

I SEE that Jamie Dawn mentioned me here...LOL...This is a small world, for a Big World, isn't it?

Anyway...I am enjoying your blog very much.

mckay said...

phil, my blog crush on you deserves its very own post, not a measly part II to this drivel.

kat, i live vicariously through you. go for all the gusto, girl!

jef, leads? i ain't got no stinkin' leads.

bug, i thought the same thing about brad pitt when i saw thelma and louise (as did 10 million other women). my current prediction....reg rogers. he and i went to college together. although his bio only touts julliard, he was an undergrad at sdsu drama.

chris, you spammer, you. i have no need for adult sexual toys, but thanks, just the same.

neil, damn. you are one smart man.

naomi, thanks for the smiles you give me. and yes. it is a small world. you are blog buddies with lots of the bloggers whom i read. i'm glad we're becoming acquainted.