Monday, September 24, 2007

5k with love

so, the weekend of the 23rd was pretty darn special. that sunday was the annual orange county susan g. koman Race for the Cure 5k at fashion island. picture over 30,000 people all walking with friends, co-workers and family members in support of a common cause - the eradication of breast cancer.
it's become a family tradition of sorts for our clan to participate in this southern california event at fashion island. my mom died of breast cancer a while back and my sis and i pledged to do the annual 5k in our mom's honor. this year's run hit a glitch when my sister fell off a ramp and kinda broke her knee, making her 5k run a no go. darn. but wanna hear the great news? this is the very first year mckteen flew home to be a 5k participant. Woo!!

picture mckteen, mckid and mckmom doing the 5k all, it's a mom's dream come true. .
it was super fab having mckteen come out and do this with me. i know she was looking forward to having her auntie, unc and cousins there, but we sure had fun by ourselves. we were also lucky to have mckteen bring out mckfriend from arizona to hang out with us and do the walk. this boy was a true gentleman and was a joy to have around - he even made his bed! mckteen and mckfriend are just that - friends, and i enjoyed seeing her interact with him and enjoyed their comfortable camaraderie.

i catch myself watching mckteen....growing into a lovely young lady. i know every freckle, but i don't feel like i really know HER - what's going on inside her noggin. i want to talk and laugh and commiserate on a daily basis, but she's at that time in her life when the apron strings were untied long ago, and she's fully immersed in being her own person. our weekends together aren't enough time to let her soak into my soul. i love her. and that will have to be enough. for now.


Anonymous said...

My wife did one of these runs with her mom and sisters not too long ago. I wonder if she is going to do it again.


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

very sweet. Cute pic, too.

Phil said...

Hi McKay! Great pic. You're obviously a great mom. I've done a few Komen races in my day as well.

The Zombieslayer said...

Breast cancer sucks. One of the bloggers I write with donated a picture for Boobiethon. I hope you don't see it as offensive, but it's a successful way to raise money for breast cancer research. The way I see it, the more money they raise, the better. In '06, bloggers for Boobiethon raised over $9000. Pretty impressive. I'll buy a t-shirt from them for my wife or something.

Sorry to hear about your mother. That really sucks. Although I think you've mentioned that before on your blog.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

The letting go process sounds so hard.....The years you are devoted to making sure your little baby girl has everything to make her life full and filled with love, and to help here be independent when that time comes---And then the inevitable happens...She is more on her own and as you said--growing into her own person....I guess all we can do is try to remember we did the same things to our mothers as we were growing into "our own persons"...Still, it is hard, I know.

That was a wonderful thing to do as a family! Such an important and worthy cause....! Bravo to you all!

kat said...

She'll get there - to that closeness with you. I'm sure of it.

Anyway, I wanted to comment and just say how sorry I am about your mom. What a wonderful way to keep her memory alive.