Friday, September 07, 2007

and how was YOUR day?

i woke up this morning with a bit of an ache. i thought, "wow, did mckid kick me in my sleep?" (he tends to sneak into my bed around 2am most nights). i go about my morning getting ready for work and mckid's first day of 'formal day' kindergarten (on fridays they wear dress pants, oxford shirt, and black dress shoes. a bit much i think, but hey, they teach old fashion manners, which i love) and all's fine.

i get to work, start my day of emails, messages, meetings and budgets when my rib starts bugging the heck outta me...then my breathing gets short...and the pain increases. with each intake of baby breath the sharpness of pain under my left rib threatens to steal the wispy breath away. crap. i have no idea what's causing this. one coworker sees my distress and threatens to call an ambulance. i may die today, but i'm not going to be gossip for the water cooler crowd. i adamantly refuse an ambulance.

my bro-in-law, who happens to be a fairly high up mucky muck where we both work, takes time out of his morning to drive me to the local ER. now this guy drives a porsche, but he's in the slow lane behind a truck driving like a grandma, calmly making idle chit chat. he asks if i'm okay and i say, "yep, but i think you should drive a bit faster." it reminded me of when i was in labor and i yelled at the hubby to "run the yellow light!!! just get me there! Don't you dare stop this car!"

ekg...xray....some doc poking at my rib, getting me to scream for my mommy. his prescription? motrin and ben gay. i can't lay back because it feels like my rib is poking something vital, i can barely walk and i get motrin? shhhhhim mee neee cricket.

and to top off the day i get to hang with the bad ex, his looney mom, his new wife and mckid at a back to school bbq picnic dinner. i wouldn't miss mckid's function even if i had severed an arm, so there i was jacked up on motrin and smelling of ben gay eating tacos with the man of my nightmares, watching mckid run around having a blast on the lawn with his new friends and flirting with the 2nd grade cheerleaders.



Carmi said...

Dropped by from Michele's, and wow and I glad I did! You write wonderfully: even as you're ailing and being driven to the hospital in your BIL's Porsche, you find humor in the situation.

Can't wait to read more. And I LOVE the Friday rule at your munchkin's kindergarten. Manners indeed.

Phil said...

Hi McKay! From you're story I'm still convinced your rib is broken. You'd better go to another Dr. How is it today?

gautami tripathy said...

Your kid has a dress code on Fridays? That's great!

It is very heartening that you can find humour even in pain. Keep it up!

Michele sent me to cheer you up.

mckay said...

carmi, thanks for stopping by. i love having new company.

phil, i think it's a cracked/broken rib, too. it still hurts when i breathe, but not as bad as yesterday. i think the doc pushed it back in place when he was making me scream. i kept waking up through the night to take more pain medicine.

gautami, yep. formal dress code on fridays and regular dress code (shorts with belt, polo shirt w/ school emblem, white tennis shoes) the rest of the week. i had 12 years of uniforms as a kid, and i love them.

Russ said...

Good morning!! I guess it's morning in CA.Visiting from Michele's place.
ER's are a fun place, aren't they? And everyones in such a great mood!!!
Have a better one today.

BreadBox said...

You have my pity: having cracked ribs is no fun -- I still recall the pain 10 years, 4 months and 3 days later.
As far as sleeping through the night, we've had success with gold stars: giving the children a gold star if they sleep the night in their own bed. Then after a given number of stars (three in a week, at the beginning, ten in a row later on)
they get to choose a small present.
Amazing how well bribery and corruption work:-)

Michele sent me,

Anonymous said...

Wow, busted ribs are no fun. I have had more than my share of those from teaching stage fighting. Yep, no good at all. So sorry to hear about your discomfort, I hope it feels better soon. Ribs have a funny way of being able to mend themselves up pretty good.

Glad to see you stopped by my blog, I love new faces, or names as it were.