Wednesday, September 05, 2007

100 things... part III

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here are parts one and two if you need to play catch up.

21. i love most vegetables - except for beets, brussel sprouts and bell peppers...oh, and cauliflower. okay. maybe i like some vegetables.

22. i've sung on stage in vegas. technically. there's a caberet show called Forever Plaid. at one point in the show they pull someone out of the audience to play Heart and Soul on a baby grand. i loved it. if you ever get to see this show, go for it. it's tons of fun.

23. diane keaton bought the beach house owned by one of my mom's best friends and where my wedding shower was held.

24. i put nonfat milk in my coffee.

25. i put this on my toes.

26. i hate my current haircut.

27. i'd love to own a horse someday.

28. i get a tiny bit afraid of heights when on ferris wheels.

29. i'm an Angels fan and i get pretty darn pissed when they're called the Los Angeles Angels.

30. certain ringtones grate on my nerves, but the sound of my wind chimes relaxes me.


Michele said...

Question: Why don't you change the cell phone ring that grates on your nerves?

Other things: I am also a fan of essie - in fact, I take mine with me for manicures so I can guarantee they have the right colour.

Is this the same haircut that everyone at work said was "so you"? Is that the haircut you hate?

Why do you go on ferris wheels if they scare you? Hmmm?

Agreed, the sound of wind chimes is very relaxing.

mckay said...

mishy, the ring tone grates on my nerves because i've been conditioned to know it's my ex on the phone. pavlovian theory at work.

i take my essie or Opi with me to manicures, too! great minds, chicka. we must be soul sistas.

no, the haircut everyone loved was too posh beckham and i got a re-do, which is horrible. i should have stuck with the spice girl hair.

ferris wheels - i go on reluctantly for the kids.

moon said...

I have to nod in agreement.. the ex's ring tone SHOULD grate on the nerves a warning that u will need to be ready for the REAL nerve grating lol.
Here from Micheles, glad I stopped by..enjoyed reading your blog!

-E said...

I love wind chimes. They are relaxing, I agree.

Michele sent me, have a great weekend.

Jamie Dawn said...

Wind chimes are soothing. I've considered buying some for my back porch, but thus far, I've not done it.
You don't like brussel sprouts or bell peppers??
If you had the brussel sprouts at Houston's (there in southern CA), you might change your mind.

My bangs are shorter than I like, so I feel your pain.
It's a good thing hair grows, isn't it?