Monday, May 22, 2006

100 things... part II

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11. i was shy and a tad insecure during my freshman year of high school. Some people thought i was stuck up.
12. John Wayne’s son was my first kiss. his older sister knew i had a crush on him and she paid him a dollar to kiss me. when i found out, i said, “Ethan Wayne, your lips will never touch mine again.” kinda dramatic for a 10 year old girl.
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13. my favorite color is green
14. i was a contestant on the $25,000 pyramid in the early 80’s
15. i unknowingly smuggled drugs into the united states. i’ll have to blog about this someday. it would actually make a good movie.
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16. i shared a hotel room with senator ted kennedy’s daughter, kara, when on a trip to see India’s taj mahal. We had our palm’s read in the hotel lobby.
17. I get a bit claustrophobic sometimes…that’s one reason why i hate going to the mall. get me outta there!
18. my favorite beverage is fresh lemonade
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19. i once owned the meanest bunny in the world. i named her Rambo. I didn’t know rabbits growled.
20. i don’t like frito’s corn chips, brussel sprouts or beets.
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Jamie Dawn said...

Very cool stuff about you!
Ethan Wayne, the game show and Teddy's daughter... you are practically a snobby celebrity!
If I lived near you, we'd share some fresh lemonade and have a good visit.

TheCleaningWoman said...

Never trust a woman who doesn't like brussel sprouts.

Mr. Althouse said...

Hey, what's with the re-do on 11 and 12?? I don't know if you're allowed to do that.



mckay said...

jd, i'd love to have lemonade with ya.

cw, oh, and it all starts coming out.....

mikey, it's called 'editing', but you already knew that, ya little smarty pants (don't tell anyone, but i've done it on every blog i've posted).

Bree said...

Do you know Brad Pitt? Do you have an extra room? (preferably the one without the beer cans :-)
I am all over number 11, my life in a phrase!
Love the blog McKay!

mckay said...

bree, never met brad pitt, but i have used the same bathroom (the men's room at The Ivy). i remember thinking, "this is the bathroom brad pitt uses."

Karl said...

Wow. It's not easy being green.