Monday, May 01, 2006

a cup a cup a cup.....ahhhhh

Over the past several weeks I’ve caught a case of the clumsies. I’ve tripped, slipped and ripped. I broke both of my favorite coffee cups, which sent me on a shopping expedition to find just the right coffee cup: not too big or too small; one that heats nicely in the microwave and has a bit of personality.

I want to show off my new coffee cup. The quickie pic turned into a semi-photoshoot and bathroom counter clean up. Here’s the result: a bathroom still life.

Notice the cup. It looks just like a Starbucks venti paper cup. It’s got some personality, a little humor and it’s the perfect size!

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Jamie Dawn said...

Nice coffee mug, and I see you drink water in style.
Crystal glasses of water for McKay!

My fav mugs (tea only, thank you) are BIG mugs. One has cows on it, and the other has piggies.

I drink hot green tea nearly every evening, and I drink iced green tea by the gallon.

Coffee smells soooo gooood, but I don't like the taste. I feel so left out! Why can't it taste good to me? My brother has loved the taste of coffee since he was a little boy. YUCKY! Both my hubby and I dont' like it. Isn't that odd?

Ellen said...

This is actually a nice picture for Starbuck$ to use in their advertising. Lovely bathroom, and so sparkley clean!
You have such class to drink water out of a wine goblet... I love it!

Mr. Althouse said...

I knew I recognized your profile picture from someplace... it's all starting to make sense now!


mckay said...

jd, in december i decided to start using my good crystal and china everyday...cuz i'm worth it ;-)

thanks, ellen, for joining my silliness and bedlam.

mike, congrats on the sleuthing!

TheCleaningWoman said...

I still think it's wine ;)

mckay said...

actually, i rinsed out my wine glass before going to bed.

it's got white wine in it right now, if it makes ya feel better, cw

Silent One said...

I saw that mug in Starbucks a week or so ago... when I went back to get it...they were all sold out.

That has to be my favourite coffee mug... next time i see one, I am buying it.