Wednesday, May 24, 2006

something's knocking

Well, it seems I’m going to be in a play. My playwright/producer friend called me up yesterday, asking me to help him out of a bind. An actress walked out of his play and he needs to someone to step up to the plate pretty darn quick. Opening night is in three weeks, so I’ve got a lot work ahead of me.

It’s a fine little play; one hour in length and it has a comfy down home feeling to it. I first met John when we did Our Town together about six years ago. This play has the same feeling of family and old fashioned, small town values. I know I’ll like playing this part, even if it is a bit of a stretch for me…age wise. The character, Hattie, was written to be 65-70, but John will work to make it 55-60, which of course, is still a stretch. People will have to willingly suspend their disbelief at the theatre door ;-)

I wasn't going to take the part, as I really don't like spending time away from my son. Then I looked at a calendar and saw that most of the performances will be when he's with his dad, sooo...I better stop blogging and start memorizing.


Mr. Althouse said...

How fun for you. I've never done any acting myself, but I've always wondered... hmmm. "I'd like to thank the Academy" - never mind!

Have fun,


Ellen said...

Cool! I've always loved plays... being in them and watching them. I even toyed with the idea of going to acting school... but never followed through. Good for you to have the opportunity!

I just read through the last couple of days of your blog, and realized that I missed so much by not coming over here more often. I will have to make ammends to that, as the posts were great!
So sorry... it is my busy season, and I had a touch of illness for a few days. I will make a better effort in the future!

Hope you do well with the play, and can't wait to see pictures of you in costume.

mckay said...

mike, that's been one of my fantasies..

ellen, i'm looking forward to getting on the boards again :)

TheCleaningWoman said...

Excellent stuff, McKay! Enjoy!

Jamie Dawn said...


If I was there, I would come and see you act like an old lady. How very fun!

I hope you enjoy it. I'm sure your friend really appreciates you for doing this. He OWES you! :)

ablondeblogger said...

Oh my gosh, that's so exciting!!! Can you post photos of the play?

Jamie Dawn said...

Quit checking your blog comments and GET to studying your lines!!!!!

glamourgirl said...

You're going to be in a play? ROCK ON.

Anonymous said...

Hey, good luck and have lots of fun! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the part. And maybe you can get in on the next contest.


Mr. Althouse said...

How's the play going? Are you lovin' it??


mckay said...

mikey, i created a new post just for you ;-)

cw, if you fly out here, i'll comp you a ticket.

you, too, jamie. and yes, i really should be going over my lines. yikes!