Tuesday, May 09, 2006

craving wood

i’ve been flirting with the idea of taking up the guitar again. i learned how to play when i was a kid and took lessons through high school. back in the mid 80s when i was a broke newlywed, we had a garage sale to make rent…and damn it all, if i didn’t throw my guitar into the pile. looking back i wish i hadn’t, as it was a gift from my parents and a piece of my childhood.
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i’m currently listening to jack johnson’s cd entitled “on and on”. it’s mellow acoustic guitar tracks has me feeling like i’m sitting on jack’s front porch, bare feet up on the wooden railing, listening to him on a lazy afternoon while we’re both sipping cold coronas.


Jamie Dawn said...

Go for it! Since my dad and my son are both great guitarists, I really LOVE guitar music. My brother is a professional pianist and does studio recordings often. I was born loving music and sang all my life up until my voice disorder. Oh, and my hubby plays the trumpet, but he hasn't played at all these past several years.
Music is so wonderful!!!

Bree said...

Go for it!
I've been wanting to learn for years. The skin on my hands is made from paper though, I doubt there would be anything left ;-)