Friday, May 05, 2006

Virtual Mystery Date

Okay, here’s a game: The virtual mystery date.
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I have gotten very comfy in my cave these past four years and every once in a while I poke my head outside like a lil prairie dog Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
to see what’s happening in the real world. I’m not bold enough to venture out and try to actively date, but I do get a thought about it every once in a while.

So, how about if you set me up on a virtual (not real in any sense of the word) mystery date and let’s pretend. Tell me all about my date and where we go. Do I dress up for the theatre or are we going back packing in Yosemite?

I’ll go get a manicure while you think up the details.


Mr. Althouse said...

Back packing in Yosemite sounds nice! And... I think perhaps catered? Yes, catered - something light, but nourishing. Lodging provided by a darling little bead and breakfast... um, is this a first date? Separate rooms!


mckay said...

mikey, backpacking is cool. my pedicure will be stuffed inside hiking boots, but they'll get a showing at the b&b's hot tub. you left out the best part. who's my virtual mystery date gentleman caller? ya gotta give me the details :-)

Mr. Althouse said...

He's an incurable romantic that the world just doesn't understand. A Sagitarius, he enjoys long walks on the beach and life's simple pleasures. He is insightful, but humble. Worldly, yet down to earth. Mature enough to not to be swayed by materialism but still understands and appreciates comfort.

He's a rebel - but with a cause. A non-comformists that knows when and how to comform. He has paid his dues and although he learned much the hard way, he learned well.

How am I doing so far??

mckay said...

*slow easy smile*

so far so good.

Jamie Dawn said...

You and Mr. A have got a real thing going on here.
I'm afraid to jinx the virtual splendor.
But... what the hay!

Your date is 6'2" tall, with dark, wavy hair and cleanly shaven face... smooooooth. He has greenish-brown eyes and is a casual, but smart dresser. He wears a knit shirt that fits snuggly, and his pants are dark colored jeans.
You meet at a park and start by feeding the ducks. Then you go on a paddle boat for a nice ride around the small lake. When you reach another dock, he helps you out of the boat and leads you to an elaborately set up picnic with fine cheeses and wines and crackers and chicken salad and chocolate truffles.
He made his fortune in the stock market, and now owns some real estate and a small business. He is looking for someone to spend his money on and to travel the world with.
He LOVES children, but not in the Michael Jackson kind of way. He loves kids so much that he does not find them to be a nuisance and would very much welcome your son along for many of your vacations. He has a young daughter whom you adore as well...

mckay said...

jd, it's spooky how closely you described some qualities of my ex...other qualities i just wish he had…too bad i couldn’t switch them around like a mr. potato head! our first date was feeding ducks at a little lake...are you psychic? loved the part about the truffles..who's fantasy is this, anyway?!

these virtual dates are exactly what the doctor ordered (not like a head shrink; just the proverbial doctor's orders)

R2K said...

He is smart, and good at sports, good looking but not all stuck up about it, loves children and puppies and kittens and giving puppies to children, and children to puppies. He is a computer expert, but in the way women love, not a nerd. He loves backpacking, but will also consider hiking or walking, or trekking. He is a model but only as a hobby, he is already wealthy from multiple lotto wins. But enough about me...

Jamie Dawn said...

Your Mr. Potato Head idea is a good one.
I think you could write a very interesting and quite humorous post based on that.
Maybe I'm psychic and I didn't know it!! Cool!

TheCleaningWoman said...

He's a looker but in an easy-going way. He's no primper. Smart, quickwitted and humorous, with a smile the size of the grand canyon.
Fit and up for a challenge, for a first date he'll have you climb Sydney Harbour bridge (that's one way to take your breath away) for a picnic lunch atop, enjoying gentle conversation and stunning views.