Friday, May 19, 2006

summer shots

I thought I’d share some photos of my hometown. Can you guess the location?

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This is the path I’d take to get to the beach

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Famous landmark that’s been around since 1906

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Loved it as a kid; still love it today

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Teenage years I was either here or playing tennis


Mr. Althouse said...

Looks a little like Catalina.


TheCleaningWoman said...

Not sure where it is but it looks fabulous! Any room for one more illegal immigrant?

Bree said...

Absolutely Beautiful!
Somewhere in CA, I am assuming.
You take great pics.

mckay said...

bree, i do take great pics, but these aren't mine. i got them at google images. my hometowns kinda cool and a bit famous...more on this later.

mckay said...

mikey, i think you need a so. cal refresher course ;-)

cw, you're supposed to be sending me your brother, right? that'll make us relatives and if the new immigrant bills get passes (oh, God...NO!!!!!!) then ya'll get a free pass. we'll be doing shrimps on the barbee in sunny CA, sista.

Jamie Dawn said...

I dunno. I'll say San Diego.

Mr. Althouse said...

Mission Bay??

I give up!


mckay said...

you see, this is why i have a problem with tv's sap opera, The OC. They call it 'The OC', but they film it in los angeles, so everyone sees a bunch of spoiled brats parading around in prada and none of the beauty of orange county is filmed.

not even the obvious stock footage (remember the exterior shot of the Brady Bunch's home that started almost every scene?)is used to show places like Woody's Warf, the Balboa Pavilion, the Wedge, Las Brisas, the fountains at Fashion Island, the footbridge in Corona del Mar, or Balboa Island's ferry...and what about less historic areas, like EPSN Zone and the House of Blues in downtown disney?

okay, i know this isn't a deep subject of social injustice, but hey, i love my hometown.

that's it. i'm gonna have to start educating you folks on the finer points of The Real OC..does this mean i have to create another blog? oy.