Saturday, October 20, 2007

things not worth blogging about

my cat threw up in my bathroom this morning.

i've been sick for several days. phlegm mckphlemerson.

i have free cable movies this weekend and i just watched Stranger than Fiction.

i'm taking mckid to see a 3D version of Nightmare Before Christmas this afternoon.

i finally finished my 2006 taxes. yes, i am a professional procrastinator.

with my hefty tax refund i will be paying my hefty property tax. grrr.

i have an urge to do something nasty to the neighbor who lets her dog pee on my plants every friggin morning...or at the very least put something on my plants to make the little rat dog run away, but that stuff never works as well as it should.


Anonymous said...

i loved stranger than fiction. Emma something-or-other was great in that. It had to end that way and Maggie Gillenhal ... HOOOOOOoooooot!


PS just so it's not all about me ... sorry you are sick.

Phil said...

You're a hottie!

mckay said...

jef, being a former actress and fantasy oscar winner, i, too, love emma whatsherface. her mannerisms in STF were so neurotically delicious.


you leave me speechless in a really good way.

Phil said...

well I meant it in a good way. I hope you're getting some rest and feeling better this weekend.