Wednesday, October 24, 2007

my foot fetish

michele posted a pic of her love-at-first-sight swoon worthy shoes, so i asked her if she wanted to see my current footsie fetish.

here it is.

i've wanted a pair for years. *sigh*


Michele said...

Ohh. Ahh. Sexy.

Actually, those are considered the sexy boot of the season - at least in my neighbourhood. One of my neighbours wears a pair with opaque stockings and short-shorts. You know, sort of like Daisy Duke comes to Canada.

So, did you buy the boots? What colour? Will you be buying new sexy short-shorts to wear with them? Really, I need to know these things....

mckay said...

my plan was to wear them with jeans or (gasp) sweats. i'm so not daisy duke. darn.

nope, i haven't bought them. they're kinda like perfume. a luxury item i rarely buy for myself. i'll buy for others, but not myself.

maybe...just maybe, this will be the year i buy a pair?