Thursday, June 22, 2006

baby got back

I’m embarrassed to show you my back yard. The previous owners didn’t do anything with the corner yard, so it consists of cinderblock walls, poured concrete and dirt. No imagination. No greenery. No nice place for my dogs to pee (there’s no grass to soak up the pee smell, it’s a bit musky back there). Plus it’s become infested with rats, and ants. Oh, joy.

The other night, around 11:00pm, I let my dogs out for one last piddle before hitting the hay. They went bonkers as they had discovered a rodent of some sort and were intent on trapping it. I knew I couldn’t call them in, so I let them have at it. I was expecting a mouse, of which I have not fear, so I kept poking myself outside to watch their hunting antics. Since I really didn’t want the lil bugger scampering into my house I decided to shut the door and let the dogs do their thing. Then I heard it. not a squeak, but a loud shriek - painful. pissed. What the hell did they catch?! It took a minute or two for the animal to die, then it was ceremoniously brought to the door for my inspection. It was the biggest rat I’ve ever seen.
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So, now I bring the dog food in each night to keep the dead rat’s relatives away.

Oh, wait. This was supposed to be about my back yard. Well, anyways, I have my old gardener from my previous house coming over to check out the situation. I’d like to make that little back yard awesome: a fountain in the corner, maybe three dwarf Italian cypress along the east border…take out some of the concrete and have a raised flower bed added…Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
i dunno. it sure needs something.


Bar Bar A said...

Wow - that was one scary rat. I won't tell you that I have a pet rat because I don't want you to think I am weird, ok I AM weird but not because of my little domesticated rats.

Jamie Dawn said...

Rats freak me out!! HIDEOUS to the max! Maybe even hitonious. Yes... hitonious, indeed!!!!

Your vision for your back yard sounds lovely.
Greenery and flowers would really brighten it up.

My high speed internet is fixed now - a day earlier than expected. Saints be praised!!!

TheCleaningWoman said...

You haven't seen my back yard!
A monument to black thumbs everywhere. No rats though. Probably because the snakes eat them.

Phil said...

It sounds like you've got some good ideas to spruce up the yard, but you've got to get rid of the rats. They're small little animals who will decide they'd rather come in out of the rain if you let them hang around too long. Hopefully your dogs making an example of their friend will kepp the rest in line.

Anonymous said...

O WOW!!!!
CRAZY RAT!!! I love the picture though. :o)