Tuesday, June 13, 2006

down and dirty

no time for a well thought out post this week, kiddos. tech week (hell week) is upon us, as opening night this friday looms in the near horizon. i am sicker than a dog. the diva is divaing, the cutie is cutifying, and i am feeling a bit of pressure as the late comer with the bulk of the show resting upon my still developing character.

i've shifted hattie from being a happy camper to a sour puss, which works much better. it's not what you say but how you say it, and having her be a grumpy granny makes for a better transition for the end scene.

gotta run - 7pm rehearsal call.


Ellen said...

Funny descriptions of the other characters... and your granny sounds like gold. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

that's amazing how you can change the tone and texture of a play just by shifting the character. Imagine if some movies had been played differently. Ishtar may have been a hit.


TheCleaningWoman said...

LMAO Ishtar a hit. Now there's a thought...

You must be a great actor, McKay, because I certainly don't figure you as a grumpy granny!

Mr. Althouse said...

Oh, come on... There's always time for a well thought out blog! Even if it is hell week with divas divaing and cuties cutifying, you managed to put up some profundity for all to enjoy.

Break a leg!



mckay said...

ellen, sure wish all you bloggers could come see it. the production is bare bones, but the play is well written and i am lucky to be working with some very talented actors (even if she does do diva backstage..she plays her character well - no wonder: her character is also a diva. type casting!!!)

one of my costars is a banker for the disney corp. i don't know why i find that funny, but his country bumpkin character is so dead on that it's hard to imagine him as a corporate big wig :)

jef- do you really think anything could have saved ishtar (other than shooting it to put us out of its misery)?

cw, you have no idea, girl. ha! grumpy is quite fun to play.

mike, ooh, "profundity"...big words turn me on ;-)

Bar Bar A said...

Break a leg! (is it okay to use that expression these days???)

Anonymous said...
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Jamie Dawn said...

I hope you feel better for opening night.
But, if you are still sick, then you WON'T be acting like a grouch, you surely WILL be one. You will be brilliant!!!